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    Software Providers

    Organizations earning revenue from publishing software, such as device and equipment manufacturers as well as Independent Software Vendors (ISV) are faced with numerous challenges.

    Secure protection against piracy remains crucial, as the worldwide piracy rate, currently 41%, continues to rise and piracy costs businesses $53 billion per year. Additionally, theft of intellectual property (IP) can result in the loss of competitive advantage and lower technological barriers to market entry. Device manufacturers require protection for high-value software at the core of their hardware, and licensing to control and manage usage

    As competition drives down revenues, vendors also seek ways to create value for their customers, to differentiate their products and compete in global markets. Software publishers require means to drive down costs associated with time-consuming licensing processes and product lifecycle costs. Finally, effective tactics are required for improving marketing efficacy with increased visibility into consumer activities and enhancing customer and partner relationships.

    With more than 25 years of experience in designing and supporting industry-leading software protection and licensing solutions, the world's largest and most sophisticated industries trust SafeNet to protect their revenue, flexibly licensing their products, and provide employee, customer, and partner license and entitlement management tools. Click here to learn more about SafeNet’s industry-specific software protection and licensing solutions or to schedule a consultation.