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Forrester IAM Strategy Report

Forrester IAM Strategy Report

Forrester Report: Building an Identity and Access Management Strategy

The new report from Forrester provides security and risk (S&R) leaders with a systematic approach to developing a compelling and strategic identity and access management (IAM) plan. An important part of the strategic plan must establish and explain the business need and value of IAM to both technology management and business leaders. It must also describe the current state, define the future state, and make defensible recommendations for the sequence of projects needed to make the strategy a reality. The report provides detailed recommendations to companies and professionals embarking on new IAM or updating existing ones.

Key insights include:

  • Defining what a successful strategy for your IAM Project looks like
  • Understanding the user personas (HR, developers, business leaders..etc) within your IAM project
  • Ensuring your IAM Strategies Evolve to the Changing Business Environment

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