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Securing Data-at-Rest in Files, Folders and Shares - White Paper

Securing Data-at-Rest in Files, Folders and Shares - White Paper

Organizations face threats ranging from privileged insiders abusing their position, to malicious outsiders infiltrating a network or nation states looking to steal IP. While attacks can have many goals, often the target of these attacks is information that resides in files living in a folder or on a network share.

The pervading assumption amongst security professionals is that strengthening the network perimeter is sufficient to keep data safe. Yet threats can appear in many forms and organizations must think beyond the perimeter and protect the data at rest itself.

This white paper looks at data-at-rest encryption needs for information in files, folders, and shares. Read it if you want to learn:

  • Drivers for data security on file servers
  • Required elements of an enterprise-ready data protection solution
  • How to improve security through encryption and key management
  • Options for securing data in files, folders, and shares

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