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New IDC Report Analyzes the Business Impact of Encryption

New IDC Report Analyzes the Business Impact of Encryption

Encryption is a powerful risk mitigating solution, but adds danger if improperly implemented
Understanding business strategy from processes to the flow of data is essential to your encryption implementation. By not conducting a business impact analysis in advance, companies unknowingly expose themselves. An incomplete or poorly executed encryption operation, if undetected, can give a false sense of security.

IDC’s report identifies key obstacles to address and provides recommended actions security professionals can take to avoid pitfalls. Building a threat model as part of your business impact analysis often makes a case for centralized key management. According to IDC, companies need to consider how to reduce complexities through:

  • Three essential components: flexible key management, data encryption and access control
  • A broad key management platform to cover encryption at the application level, data in the cloud and other mobile data outside the IT environment
  • Scalability to address multi-cloud security, more connected devices and new use cases and services
  • Centralization of key management to simplify audit trails, reduce silos and ensure policies and standards are met

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