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Data Breaches in H1 2015 - Breach Level Index Findings

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As documented in the Breach Level Index, the first six months of 2015 demonstrated that hackers continue to get past conventional perimeter security with relative ease, targeting nearly every industry and executing several high profile data breaches that scored tens of millions of data records each. The below infographic presents the number of breaches, the number of data records lost, and data breaches by industry, type of breach, source and by country/region.

Infographic Breach Level Index H1 2015 Infographic

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There were a total of 245,919,393 data records lost or stolen in 2014. That's the equivalent of 16 records lost or stolen every second.


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Data breaches totaled 888, up approximately 10% from H1 2014.


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With 707 data breaches, North America accounted for 80% of total breaches for the half.


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Only 4% of the total breaches involved data that was encrypted in part or in full.


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The majority of breaches in H1 2015 (53%) involved the theft or compromise of identifiable information, such as names, addresses and social security numbers.


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The retail industry lost more than 187 million data records — 21.1% of all records lost in H1 2015.


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For more information about last year’s data breach figures, read the Breach Level Index H1 2015 Report. You can also visit to learn more about breach trends and calculate your own risk score.


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