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Challenges of Enterprise Mobile Security - Findings Report from Gemalto's AIM Index - White Paper

Studies show employees use three or more different devices for work on a daily basis and 89% of mobile users will access business applications using their personal devices. The rapid increase in mobile usage has many IT teams scrambling to get enterprise mobile security in line with current corporate standards.

Bring your own device (BYOD) has the potential to improve employee productivity and job satisfaction, to lower costs for contractors, temporary workers and consultants, and in some cases even reduce the costs of company-issued mobile devices for employees. But for a typical enterprise ecosystem, bringing personal devices onto the corporate network can create some critical issues.

This paper covers:

  • Global assessment of mobility in the workplace
  • Fear of data breaches
  • The importance of two-factor authentication
  • Security concerns lead to mobile restrictions
  • Key considerations when selecting a two-factor authentication solution

Download the white paper to learn how to overcome enterprise mobile security challenges.

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