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Data Security Confidence Index 2018

Data Security Confidence Index 2018

With GDPR on most organizations' minds, now is the perfect time to look at just how confident organizations are in their data protection policies. Gemalto’s fifth annual Data Security Confidence Index takes a look at the views from more than 1,000 IT decision makers worldwide and 10,500 consumers worldwide to explore whether organizations are confident in their ability to handle the large amounts of data they collect on a daily basis. Key findings include:

  • Two in three companies (65%) are unable to analyze all the data they collect.
  • A little over half (54%) of companies know where all of their sensitive data is stored.
  • A majority of companies (89%) agree the ability to analyze data would provide a competitive advantage.

If businesses can’t analyze all of the data they collect, they can’t understand the value of it – which means they won’t know how to apply the appropriate security controls to that data.

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