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April 29, 2015 | 30 min

Data in Motion: Surveillance - Protect Your IP from Watching Eyes:

It is a popular myth that ethernet is inherently secure. In reality fiber tapping is on the rise due to the high success rate of cyber criminals targeting data in motion.

Is your organization protected? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is our network encrypted?
  • What happens when we need to move our data?
  • Who can access this data?
  • If our network had been breached, would we even know?

Data in motion is being heavily targeted, so why are organizations still leaving it vulnerable? Here are some common myths preventing companies from truly securing their data:

  • Fiber is not tappable
  • VPN/MPLS/IPSEC doesn't affect performance
  • My carrier is required to let me know if my data is breached
  • Encryption is complicated
  • Encryption is only affordable for the big guys

Join our webinar, "Surveillance: Protect Your IP from Watching Eyes," to learn more about the challenges of protecting data in motion and how they can be resolved.


  • Security issues and risks to data in motion
  • How to protect your data as it moves across networks
  • Features and affordable of new high-speed encryption solutions that can help


Stan Mesceda – Product Manager of High Speed Encryption

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