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Deploying Strong Authentication to 20K Users Over a Coffee

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This infographic covers how IT administrators can on-board, configure and roll out two-factor authentication in the same time it takes to drink a coffee.

Infographic Deploying Strong Authentication to 20K Users Over a Coffee - Infographic

Infographic Download (pdf) Deploying Strong Authentication to 20K Users Over a Coffee - Infographic

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Gartner predicts that by 2019, 90% of new and refreshed user authentication deployments for small and midsize organizations will be offered via cloud, up from less than 50% today


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Benefits of SafeNet Authentication Service include reducing administration costs by up to 90% and lowering total cost of operation by 60%.


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With SafeNet Authentication Service, you can protect cloud applications, VDIs, VPNs, custom applications, LANs, web portals and more.


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