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2016 Data Breach Report - Breach Level Index

2016 Data Breach Report - Breach Level Index

According to the latest Breach Level Index report, there were1,792 reported data breaches and almost 1.4 billion compromised data records worldwide in 2016. 

Other key findings include:  

  • Almost 1.4 billion records compromised, lost or stolen in 2016, up by 86% since 2015
  • Identity theft accounted for 59% of all data breaches in 2016, up by 5% since 2015
  • Malicious outsiders were responsible for 68% of breaches, up by 13% from 2015
  • Across industries, technology sector data breaches rose 55%, this industry had 28% of compromised records in 2016, an increase of 278% from 2015. 

Download the full report today for complete insights into breach incidents by industry, source, type, and geographic region.

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