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  • 23NYCRR 500: Authentication, Encryption & Key Management Solutions - White Paper

    The New York State DFS has outlined new requirements for banks, insurance companies and other financial services institutions under their jurisdiction in response to the growing threat of cyberatta...


  • Complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - White Paper

    For retailers, financial institutions, payment processors, and a range of other organizations that store or access payment card information, including service providers, compli...



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Data Center Encryption Survey - Executive Summary

Many want to make data center consolidation happen, but few have actually done so. While cloud offerings and virtualization have opened up a path for realizing the benefits of consolidation, many orga...

2014 Authentication Survey - Executive Summary

As IT teams seek to keep sensitive assets safe, while supporting the evolving adoption of cloud-based services and BYOD, authentication mechanisms need to play an increasingly central role. How are or...

Enterprises are Breaking Down Obstacles to Cloud and Compliance - Executive Summary

For security professionals, the numbers don’t lie. According to the Breach Level Index (, in 2013, about 68,000 records were lost or stolen every hour. That equates to 595 million...

Secure Payment Survey - Executive Summary

Considering the massive scale and cost of payment system breaches that have made headlines in recent months, it is clear that—if there were ever a time to take short cuts or do the bare minimum in sec...

Top 10 Things to Know about SMS - White Paper

Delivering instant remote access is no longer just about remote employees. It’s about enabling customers to perform online transactions, mobile sales reps to access ERP applications, outsourced call c...

Data Security: The Foundation for Compliance and Reduction of Compliance Spend - White Paper

Though intricate and restrictive, the requirements of industry-specific compliance mandates cannot be ignored, as the ramifications of inaction can have sweeping effects to not only a company’s fi...

Building Trust into DNS - White Paper

For all the benefi ts of an open Internet, there is a dangerous fl ip side. Domain name system (DNS) servers are a perfect case in point. With no inherent security, DNS servers at a host of organizati...

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