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Adobe Digital Signature - Solution Brief

Learn how Gemalto and Adobe Acrobat together offer a secure, portable, and simple-to-use solution that streamlines business processes and reduces the time and costs associated with traditional pape...

Strong Authentication for Secure Mobile Device Access - Solution Brief

1 Strong Authentication for Secure Mobile Device Access Solution Brief Until recently organizations have been able to standardize the security mechanisms employed on corporate desktops and laptops tha...

Servitization in Industrial Automation: Guidance and Best Practices

An increasing number of device-level industrial automation (IA) hardware vendors, from makers of industrial robotics to metrology and 3D printing equipment, are scouting for new ways to differentiate ...

Strong Authentication for Secure Employee Access - Solution Brief

Learn how to extend two-factor authentication (2FA) to all your users and resources from a single, fully automated back-end, delivered from the cloud or on-premises with Strong Authentication for S...

Secure Your Network Traffic with F5 BIG-IP and SafeNet Luna Network HSM - Solution Brief

Learn how to secure your network traffic with F5 BIG-IP and SafeNet Enterprise HSM. Organizations can trust that data traveling in its BIG-IP managed network is encrypted and secure from unauthoriz...

Citrix XenDesktop SafeNet Authentication - Solution Brief

Paired with SafeNet Authentication solutions, Cirtrix XenDesktop increases data security, reduces IT overhead and improves business agility. Adding a second authentication factor can effectively raise...

Citrix ShareFile and SafeNet Auth - Solution Brief

Discover how to raise the identity assurance level of users accessing Citrix ShareFile and overcome the vulnerability of passwords with Gemalto Authentication solutions. Both SafeNet Authentication Se...

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