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  • White Paper - Adapting at Cloud Speed

    A comprehensive description of what software publishers need to know and change when moving from on-premise to the cloud.


  • Addressing Challenges in Software Protecting for .NET - White Paper



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White Paper - How to Get Software Licensing Right the First Time

Best Practices for Credential Management - White Paper

Sentinel Workshops - White Paper

Gemalto sees itself as a provider of solutions. Experience has taught us that the integration of a licensing system into your portfolio is a project that needs to be tackled in a structured manner....

Is Onboard Key Storage the Right Corporate Strategy? - White Paper

There has been a recent resurgence in Onboard Key Storage (OKS) offerings from storage vendors such as Dell EMC, Quantum, and most recently NetApp’s ONTAP/NSE offering. The key market drivers for t...

Defending Against the Quadruple Threat to Intellectual Property - White Paper

Technology and innovation have never moved faster and most of it involves software in one form or another. From off the shelf packaged software products, to software offered as a service from the c...

4 Essentials of an Embedded Device Monetization Strategy - White Paper

The software embedded in medical devices provides a great opportunity for medical equipment vendors to innovate and differentiate their products in a competitive marketplace. But that same software...

Mitigate Banking Customer ATM Risk with Gemalto Data Encryption Solutions - White Paper

In our ever-connected digital infrastructure, malicious attacks can come from any place – and at any time. In 2016 alone, North America witnessed 772 data security breaches, followed by compromised ...

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