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  • 2016 Global Cloud Security Study - Full Report

    This report presents the findings of The 2016 Global Cloud Data Security Study sponsored by Gemalto. The purpose of this research is to understand trends in cloud governance and security practices...


  • White Paper - From Software Hack to Counterattack

    A software publisher's guide to protecting software products against the top 8 piracy threats



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Sentinel Enterprise EMS - Product Brief

Securing Sensitive Data in SAP HANA Databases - Solution Brief

Gemalto and SAP meet organizations’ database security needs with an easy to use high performance solution.

SafeNet KeySecure - Product Brief

Essential Security Technologies for GDPR Compliance - DQM GRC Whitepaper

Data compliance experts, DQM GRC endeavor to clarify the specific security needs that organisations must consider arising from the GDPR and highlight some of the key technologies that may help.

SM Sales Order Process

SafeNet ProtectServer Network HSM (Formerly SafeNet ProtectServer External 2) - Product Brief

The SafeNet ProtectServer Network HSM from Gemalto is a security hardened network crypto server designed to protect cryptographic keys against compromise, while providing encryption, signing and aut...

SafeNet ProtectServer PCIe HSM (Formerly SafeNet ProtectServer Internal - Express2) - Product Brief

The SafeNet ProtectServer PCIe HSM from Gemalto provides tamper-protected hardware security for server systems and applications that require high-performance symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic o...

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