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  • After The Breach - Executive Overview - White Paper

    Highly visible security breaches and their subsequent impact in almost every industry have changed the way companies are thinking about and implementing security measures.


  • 2016 Global Cloud Security Study - Full Report

    This report presents the findings of The 2016 Global Cloud Data Security Study sponsored by Gemalto. The purpose of this research is to understand trends in cloud governance and security practices...



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Strong Authentication for Banks - White Paper

With 429 million exposed identities in 2015, and as the number of online resources within enterprises grows, so does the need for better security in the form of strong authenti...

Business End of DP-Securing Data on Move - White Paper

The need to protect sensitive information within organizations is clear to us all. But do you really know what happens to your data while it is being transmitted to another loc...

Securing Data in Cloud-Enabled Environments - White Paper

Long an important security measure, encryption has emerged as a critical component to ensuring compliance in cloud-enabled environments. However, in order for encryption to be ...

How Core to Edge Security Can Boost Banks' Competitiveness in Disrupted Markets - White Paper

As banks look to compete in increasingly disrupted markets, a number of demands continue to get more intense. Establishing advanced, layered security now represents a core requ...

Identity and Data Protection Solutions for Banks - White Paper

Establishing layered security from the core to the edge that provides protection for a bank’s entire operational ecosystem now represents a critical requirement for banks. Lear...

Code Signing Primer - White Paper

Code signing protects the devices we use everyday, in devices you expect as well as ones you may not. As the Internet of Things expands so does the need to trust that code come...

Big Data - White Paper

Data is growing by leaps and bounds thanks to the expanding use of connected devices and web innovations. Global data volume is expected to grow from 120 to 40,000 exabytes bet...

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