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  • Addressing the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act 10173) - Ebook

    Do you know what the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act of 10173) requires? Failure to comply results in penalties, so stay ahead and read Gemalto’s break-down of the Act and SafeNet solutions...


  • SIO S.p.A: Ensuring Trust in the Italian Legal System - Case Study

    Discover how SafeNet ProtectFile’s flexibility combined with its policy-based access controls, allowed SIO to implement the logical and physical data security they needed to be compliant while usin...



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Fast, Secure, and Scalable Digital Signatures - Solution Brief

Find out why GaraSign provides unrivaled key protection, performance, and scalability when backed with Thales DPoD or Luna HSMs. With strong security, reporting and audit features, ease of use, and...

Secure Sensitive Database Data and Address Compliance Requirements Using Oracle TDE and Thales’ Luna HSM - Solution Brief

Complete your Oracle TDE protection strategy with Thales' Luna HSM by storing high value keys in a high assurance hardware root of trust. The additional barriers of separated key storage and author...

Unshare and Secure Sensitive Data - Encrypt Everything eBook

Focusing on an encrypt everything approach to data protection can help enablers for new businesses and technology use while protecting the data entrusted to them by stakeholder...

Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis - SafeNet Trusted Access - Case Study

Learn why Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis (ASZ) hospital relies on Thales authentication to secure access to sensitive hospital resources. After upgrading to Thales' cloud-based SafeNet Authentication Se...

Digital Signing of Health Reports: General University Hospital in Prague - Case Study

Learn why Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze(General University Hospital in Prague) selected Thales' PKI certificate-based SafeNet eToken USB authenticator to fulfill their need of providing its med...

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council - Case Study

Does your organization need to reduce costs and increase data protect? Cloud-based SafeNet Authentication Service offers flexible licensing and pricing which allowed Dudley MBC not only impleme...

Automated PKI and Data Security Management Leveraging Thales HSMs: IoT Security with SafeNet Luna HSMs and KeyScaler - Solution Brief

Discover how this integration allows Enterprises that have an existing investment in HSMs and Data Security Platforms to leverage them for automated PKI certificate provisioning, high-assurance dev...

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