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  • Addressing the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act 10173) - Ebook

    Do you know what the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act of 10173) requires? Failure to comply results in penalties, so stay ahead and read Gemalto’s break-down of the Act and SafeNet solutions...


  • Gemalto Partners with AvaSys to Deliver High Speed Encryption for Integrated Healthcare System CCTV Data - Case Study

    Learn how Gemalto partnered with AvaSys to provide an Integrated Healthcare system of hospitals with a high speed encryption solution to protect their sensitive closed-circuit TV (CCTV) data, ensu...



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Gemalto Smart Cards and USB Tokens for Digital Signature - Solution Brief

Learn how to streamline business processes and reduce time and costs associated with traditional paper-based document signing with Thales Smart Cards and USB Tokens for Digital Signature.

Citrix XenApp and SafeNet Trusted Access - Solution Brief

Learn how a wide range of authentication methods and form factors, combined with federated login capabilities and flexible pricing models, allows Thales and Citrix customers to add strong authenticati...

IDCore 30: Java-based smart cards - Product Brief

Discover the benefits of IDCore 30, a Gemalto smart card that benefits from the latest release of Java Card technology standards. The IDCore 30 has been optimized to offer maximum software performance...

Secure Pivotal Platform Crendentials and Secrets - Solution Brief

Thales Luna Network Hardware Security Modules (HSM) integrate with Pivotal Platform to isolate and secure secrets stored and managed in Pivotal Credhub. Organizations use Luna Network HSMs to attai...

Citrix ShareFile and SafeNet Auth - Solution Brief

Discover how to raise the identity assurance level of users accessing Citrix ShareFile and overcome the vulnerability of passwords with Thales Authentication solutions. Both SafeNet Authentication Ser...

SafeNet Luna Network HSM - Product Brief

Find out why our Thales Luna Network HSM is the right choice for enterprises requiring strong security for PKI, digital signatures, Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), cryptographic key stora...

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