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Gemalto Cipher Technology Partners

Gemalto Cipher Technology Partner Program

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Gemalto’s Cipher Technology (Integration) Partner Program provides technical, marketing, and business development support to partners who want to enhance their services and technologies by validating and documenting integration with Gemalto products.

The Technology Program is a vital and vibrant part of our partner ecosystem. Our Technology (Integration) Partners are vendors that want to validate the integration between their product and a Gemalto product. Gemalto encourages the interoperability between our products and other vendors and supports those efforts. 

Technology Partners receive recognition for successful integration with our products, as well as benefits such as access to tools and technical information that support their business development and marketing efforts. 

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Find out how Gemalto products integrate with our partners' solutions to secure data, identities, transactions, and more.

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Become a partner to receive recognition for your security integrations and get access to go-to-market support. 

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Partner Name

SafeNet Integrated Solutions

4Point HSM
ACI Worldwide HSM
Aconite HSM
AdNovum Informatik AG HSM
Adobe HSM,Authentication
AEP Networks HSM
AirWatch Authentication
AJB Software Design Inc. HSM
Amazon Web Services (AWS) HSM,Authentication,Encryption,Key Management
ANDXOR Corporation HSM
Apache HSM,Authentication,Encryption
Apereo Authentication
Apple Authentication
AppViewX HSM
Arius Technology HSM
Array Networks Authentication
Ascertia HSM
Atlantic Zeiser HSM
Atlassian Authentication
Attachmate Authentication
AustriaCard GmbH HSM
Avow HSM
Axway HSM
Baffle Encryption,Key Management
Banksoft Corporation HSM
Barnes International HSM
Barracuda Networks, Inc Authentication
BeCrypt Authentication
BIO-key Authentication
Blue Coat Authentication,Encryption
Blue Ridge Networks Authentication
BMC Authentication
Box, Inc. HSM
Brocade Key Management
CA Technologies HSM,Authentication
Ceedo Authentication
Centrify HSM
Certes Networks HSM
Check Point Software Authentication
Ciena Encryption
CipherCloud Key Management
CipherMail (formerly DJIGZO) HSM
Cisco Authentication
Citrix HSM,Authentication
Clear2Pay HSM
Cloud Foundry Key Management
Cloudera Encryption
Commvault Key Management
Compass Plus HSM
Corestreet HSM
Couchbase Encryption
Cryptomathic HSM,Access Management
CryptoVision HSM
Cubic Transportation Systems HSM,Key Management
CyberArk HSM,Authentication
Datacard Group HSM
Dataguise Key Management
Datalogics HSM
Debian HSM
Dell EMC Authentication,Key Management
Dell Technologies HSM,Authentication,Encryption,Key Management,Access Management
DenyAll Authentication
Device Authority HSM
Digicert, Inc. Authentication
DigitalSign HSM
Dropbox Authentication,Encryption,Key Management
Entrust Datacard HSM,Authentication
Enveil Encryption,Key Management
Eruces, Inc. HSM
Evidian Authentication
Evolium HSM
Exostar Authentication

Partner Name

SafeNet Integrated Solutions

F5 Networks HSM,Authentication
FalconStor Key Management
FIS (Fidelity) HSM
Fortinet Authentication
G and D (Giesecke and Devrient) HSM
Garantir HSM,Key Management
GE Energy HSM
GlobalSign Inc. HSM,Authentication
Google Authentication,Encryption
Handpoint HSM
HashiCorp HSM
HB Technologies HSM
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) Authentication,Encryption,Key Management
HID (ActivIdentity) HSM,Encryption
Hitachi Key Management
Hortonworks Encryption,Key Management
HPS Worldwide HSM
Huawei Key Management
IAM Cloud Authentication
IBM HSM,Authentication,Encryption,Key Management
Identrust Inc. HSM,Authentication
IDnomic (formerly OpenTrust) HSM,Authentication
IDQ (ID Quantique) HSM
IGEL Authentication
Imperva Inc. HSM
Imprivata Authentication
IMS Health HSM
Infoblox HSM
Innovery HSM
Intelligent Wave Inc. HSM
Intercede Group HSM,Authentication
International Game Technoloy (IGT) HSM,Authentication
Interpro Technology, Inc. HSM
Intesi Group HSM
Itron, Inc. HSM
Juniper Authentication

Partner Name

SafeNet Integrated Solutions

Kapalya Encryption,Key Management
Keyfactor HSM,Key Management
Keyon AG HSM
Landis and Gyr HSM
Ledger HSM,Key Management
Linux Authentication
ManageEngine Authentication
MarkLogic Key Management
McAfee Authentication
Microsoft HSM,Authentication,Encryption,Key Management
MobileIron HSM,Authentication,Key Management
Modirum HSM
Monet+ HSM
MongoDB Encryption
Morpho HSM
Motorola HSM
MultiCert HSM
N and TS Group HSM
Nagra ID HSM
NBS Technologies, Inc. HSM
NCR Corporation HSM
NetApp Encryption,Key Management
NetMotion Authentication
NetScout HSM,Key Management
NetSet HSM
Netskope Key Management
Nexus HSM
Nuance HSM
Nutanix Key Management
Oberthur Card Systems HSM
OCEUS Authentication
OpenIAM Authentication
OpenSSH Authentication
OpenText Encryption,Key Management
OpenWay Group HSM
Oracle HSM,Authentication
OSC Authentication

Partner Name

SafeNet Integrated Solutions

Palo Alto Networks HSM,Authentication
PayPros HSM
Ping Identity HSM,Authentication
Pivotal Key Management
PKWare Authentication,Key Management
Prime Factors HSM
PrimeKey HSM
Pronit (Cardhall) HSM
Protegrity HSM
Pulse Secure Authentication
Quantum Key Management
Quantum Xchange Encryption,Key Management
RedHat HSM,Authentication
RIM (Certicom) HSM,Authentication
Riverbed Encryption
RJR Innovations, Inc. Authentication
RS2 Software p.l.c. HSM
Safelayer Secure Communications Authentication Authentication
Samsung Authentication
Secunet Security Networks AG HSM
Secure64 HSM,Key Management
SecureKey Technologies HSM
Seglan HSM
Sensus HSM
ServiceNow Key Management
Silver Springs Networks HSM
Skyhigh Networks HSM,Key Management
SmartPesa HSM,Encryption
SmartSoft (Cardtek Group) HSM
SoftFinanca HSM
Sophos Authentication
ST Microelectronics HSM
StorMagic Key Management
Symantec HSM,Authentication,Key Management
Symbiont HSM
Synacor Authentication
Syncplicity Authentication
Systancia Authentication
Tableau Authentication
Taigle HSM
Tantacomm Key Management
TechTrex, Inc. HSM
Tellwise HSM
Teradata Key Management
Titus HSM
Totemo HSM
Townsend Security Key Management
Trilliant HSM
Trust Central HSM
Trusted Security Solutions HSM
TSYS Card Tech HSM

Partner Name

SafeNet Integrated Solutions

UL (formerly Collis) HSM
United Security Providers AG HSM
Vaultive Key Management
VCE Encryption
Velocidata, Inc. HSM
Venafi, Inc. HSM
VeriFone, Inc. HSM
Verizon HSM
Versasec Authentication
ViaSat Encryption
Visa HSM,Encryption
VMware Authentication,Encryption
Wallix Authentication,Access Management
WatchDox HSM,Authentication
WatchGuard Authentication
Wincor Nixdorf HSM
Winmagic, Inc. Authentication
X InfoTech HSM
Xceedium, Inc. HSM,Authentication
Zendesk Authentication
Zertificon Solutions GmbH HSM
Zscaler Authentication

Engage with Us Through Technology

Authentication for Access Control Icon

Gemalto offers industry-leading authentication solutions driven by the broadest range of authenticators with unified management options and multiple integration options. These solutions give partners the tools they need to enhance their solution and provide value to customers. Integration options include:

  • Broad certificate-based / PKI authentication including interfaces for PKCS#11 v2.x, Microsoft CAPI, PC/SC, X.509 v3 certificate storage, SSL v3, Java, IPsec/IKE interfaces
  • Support for RADIUS, SAML, and OATH
  • Cross platform support covering traditional infrastructure (Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile (iOS Android, Microsoft and Blackberry)

Learn More

Virtualization and Cloud Security Icon

SafeNet ProtectV provides full-drive encryption for virtual machines, instances, and storage containers. This enables organizations to confidently move their sensitive data to the cloud and virtualized data centers.

  • ProtectV Integration – SafeNet ProtectV manager provides APIs to automate the entire management process enabling cloud and virtualization migration, orchestration, and management solutions to enable customers to maintain ownership, compliance and control of their data.

Learn More

Hardware Security Modules

SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for identities, transactions, and applications by securing cryptographic keys, as well as provisioning of encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services. Integration options include PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI, CNG, JCA/JCE, and OpenSSL.

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Green Key Management Icon

SafeNet KeySecure provides Enterprise Key Management (EKM) from a single, centralized platform for managing cryptographic keys in both SafeNet and partner solutions including key generation, key import and export, key rotation, and much more. By working with our partners, we can mutually enable our customers to simultaneously manage keys enterprise wide through a single, centralized key management platform and remove the burden and challenges of key management from our partner’s solutions.

  • KMIP – Gemalto is a leading adopter of the Key Management Interoperability Protocol and a broad adopter of KMIP with our partners.
  • KeySecure also includes APIS for iCAPI, KMIP, PKCS #11, JCE, MSCAPI, and .NET.

Learn More

Application Security Icon

The SafeNet family of Connectors — ProtectApp, ProtectDB, ProtectV, ProtectFile, and Tokenization Manager — work with SafeNet KeySecure for application, database, mainframe, and file protection, allowing partners who develop customized security solutions to expand their products.

Learn More

Benefits of Being a Gemalto Cipher Technology Partner

Discover how Gemalto's Cipher Partner Program recognizes, rewards, & supports our partnerships and collaborative solutions to drive incremental growth & revenue. 

Technology Partners receive access to the Cipher Partner Portal, where they can update and change information about their companies and solutions.

Technology (Integration) Program Benefits

Product Discounts

Not for Resale (NFR) Licenses and Hardware Discount

Crypto Management, Encryption, and Authentication Hardware Products


Authentication Software – Maximum 500 Users


Partner Technical Product Training Discount

Technical Product Training for Partners


Sales Benefits

Online Sales Tools and Market Information

Partner Portal

Training and Enablement Benefits

Post-Sales Technical Product Training and Certifications

Marketing Benefits

Annual Partner Satisfaction Survey

Monthly Partner Newsletter

Partner Listing in Partner Locator

Gemalto Cipher Partner Program Logo

Integration Guide and Product Brochure

Support Benefits

Access to Technical Knowledge Base

Integration and Development Kits (SDKs and APIs)

Product Evaluation Unit

1 per Integration

Integration Support (SE, Product Manager, Developers)

Technology Partner Technical Integration Requirements:

Every Technology (Integration) Partner will be asked to provide technical documentation of their integrations with Gemalto solutions. Gemalto requires documentation of the integrations by Gemalto, the Technology Partner or by a third party. The integration document must contain the following:

  • Partner solution name and description

  • Gemalto solution name and description

  • Scope of integration

  • Supported platforms and versions

  • Partner and Gemalto solution pre-requisites

  • Screen shot or any supporting evidence of the integration

Acceptable formats for the required integration document include:

  • A stand-alone and dedicated integration guide for the partner and Gemalto solution

  • A section within a comprehensive user guide or online help (Gemalto or Technology Partner) that includes a copy of the specific section in reference to the integration solution

  • Reference information such as URLs, page numbers, or documentation names

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