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About SmartPesa

SmartPesa is a specialist payments technology provider that aims to solve the last mile problem for financial institutions in emerging markets.  Banks, Insurers and PSPs can use SmartPesa’s platform as mini-ATMs/branches in remote and rural areas, providing a full range of services including payments, cash-in and out, balance inquiries, bill payments, transfers, government distributions, loans and insurance.  SmartPesa directly addresses the dual needs of financial inclusion and cash reduction whilst eliminating the need for costly/risky changes to banks’ proven systems.  SmartPesa is deployed on-premises with full legal/regulatory compliances and industry leading security systems and fully integrates with any financial switch.


SmartPesa's next-generation mPOS platform is the leading solution of its type incorporating best-in-class security with HSM driven point-to-point encryption (P2PE).  The solution provides maximum control over the system (on-premises design), full customisation (look & feel and branding), and integration into any existing or future mobile Apps.  Clients and third parties can also integrate payments into their own Android, Windows or iOS applications using the SmartPesa SDK without reconfiguration of the system.

SmartPesa works with clients from the design stage to provide turnkey solutions including ISO8583 integration, report customisation and transaction functionality.   


26 Duxton Rd #02-00 Singapore 089490228208
Main Phone: +65 9649 5101 / +65 9120 3848

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