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ServiceNow® makes work, work better for people across the enterprise. Getting simple stuff done at work can be easy, and getting complex multi-step tasks completed can be painless. ServiceNow’s applications automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes and tasks, across IT, customer service, security operations and HR service delivery, creating a better experience for your employees and customers while transforming your enterprise.


ServiceNow Edge Encryption: Encryption Key Management with SafeNet KeySecure

Read the Solution Brief:  Gemalto and ServiceNow -  Providing Centralized Key and Policy Management for ServiceNow Edge Encryption

ServiceNow Edge Encryption provides peace of mind by automatically encrypting data before it travels to the ServiceNow cloud. Customers retain full control of the data encryption keys necessary to encrypt and decrypt their data, so there's never any concern of losing control of their company's most important assets. ServiceNow Edge Encryption is a native Now Platform® solution that serves as an encryption gateway within an organization’s own premises to encrypt and decrypt its sensitive data destined for the ServiceNow cloud. Because an organization owns and manages their keys within their premises, only encrypted data is sent, stored, and used by cloud applications in the ServiceNow cloud. The intuitive and powerful data encryption functionality is always at work in the background encrypting ServiceNow data while end users remain focused on getting work done in the ServiceNow cloud.

To secure ServiceNow Edge Encryption’s keys and streamline on-going management, ServiceNow integrates with SafeNet KeySecure. SafeNet KeySecure is a FIPS 140-2 (level 1 or 3) validated encryption and key management platform (available as a hardware or as a virtual appliance) that provides secure, centralized management for distributed environments. With SafeNet KeySecure, administrators can manage the lifecycle of ServiceNow Edge Encryption keys and its associated policies from a single point along with encryption keys from a wide range of vendors also present in the organization – from databases to applications to data storage data residing in the cloud. Its comprehensive logging and reporting functions provide the information administrators need to readily demonstrate their regulatory compliance.

With Gemalto and ServiceNow, organizations have a solution to the challenge of working securely with customer information as it resides and is put to work in the cloud. Together, Gemalto and ServiceNow help organizations enjoy running services out of the cloud while reducing IT complexity and costs, and ensuring the compliance of their valuable, regulated customer data.


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