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ServiceMesh produces an enterprise-grade cloud management platform that enables on-demand, self-service IT operations. With ServiceMesh Agility Platform, organizations can automatically deploy and manage enterprise applications and platforms across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. It establishes a single, integrated control point for governance, compliance and security across cloud applications and environments, empowering businesses with fully governed, self-service access to applications, platforms, and services. Companies rely on ServiceMesh to deliver applications and services at the speed of market change, streamline bureaucratic and inefficient IT operating models and transform IT into a strategic business enabler and competitive advantage.

Gemalto offers a SafeNet solution for ServiceMesh customers:

KeySecure & ServiceMesh Agility Platform

ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform provides a foundation for on-demand, self-service IT operations through the automated deployment and management of enterprise applications and platforms across cloud environments. For those customers that deploy encryption in their Agility Platform, SafeNet KeySecure integrates to securely centralize the management of cryptographic materials for cost-effective, streamlined security administration. SafeNet Network HSM integrates with SafeNet KeySecure to store encryption keys in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated tamper proof hardware appliance so keys cannot be copied or accessed by unauthorized users.

"With the Agility Platform, customers can achieve breakthroughs in the flexibility, responsiveness, and affordability of their IT operating model," said Frank Martinez, CTO at ServiceMesh. "Core to delivering these benefits is the requirement to secure an organization’s sensitive assets across networks, data, users, and machine instances. We’re pleased to leverage enterprise-grade solutions like KeySecure for securing and administering cryptographic keys, which is integral to the overall security solution we provide to our enterprise clients."

Download the SafeNet KeySecure product brief here.


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