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Protegrity: Database and File Encryption with SafeNet

About Protegrity

Protegrity is focused on developing and delivering solutions that protect data throughout its lifecycle, including storing and manipulating massive amounts of data. The company provides data security across Big Data clusters, cloud environments, databases, mainframes, and virtually every other component of the enterprise. Protegrity’s business today is built around the Protegrity Data Security Platform, a high-performance solution that when partnered with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM), provides a highly secure database and file encryption solution for its customers.


Protegrity Data Security Platform transparently encrypts and/or tokenizes data to align with business requirements. Protegrity’s Data Security Platform offers a collaborative set of data protection products that can be combined to protect sensitive data end-to-end. Protegrity DPS, when partnered with SafeNet Luna SA, provides a secure database and file encryption solution for organizations.P

Protegrity: Database and File Encryption with SafeNet

5 High Ridge Park
Stamford, Connecticut 06905
United Kingdom
Main Phone: 1.203.326.7200

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    Rather than taking the traditional approach to data protection that focuses on securing the environment in which the data exists, Protegrity focuses on securing the data itself – from acquisition to archive or deletion, and everywhere in between. From the point of creation to the point of archiving or purging, and as the data moves among databases, files, and applications, PDS applies protection to the data itself. To further this objective, PDS integrates the additional security measures of SafeNet Luna SA HSM.

    SafeNet Luna SA HSM is a FIPS 140-2 validated appliance that is tamper-proof and provides strong cryptographic security, including digital signatures, hardware key storage, certificate signing, code or document signing, data encryption, and more to secure information in database files.

    Resources & Additional Information:

    SafeNet Luna SA Client Software Installation 

    Switching HSM Modules (Soft HSM to SafeNet HSM)


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