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ID Quantique (IDQ)

About ID Quantique (IDQ)

ID Quantique is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto and also leverages quantum technology in the fields of random numbers and scientific instrumentation.


Generating unique and truly random numbers with ID Quantique’s Quantis Quantum Random Number Generator (QNRG) appliance, together with Gemalto’s SafeNet Luna Network Hardware Security Module (HSM) high-assurance key protection appliances, is a powerful combination to securing an enterprise. This high entropy and secure key storage solution addresses critical applications where high quality random numbers are absolutely vital, such as: cryptographic services; numerical simulations; cloud; compliance; gaming; and IoT-scale device authentication and managed end-to-end encryption.

Benefits include:

  • Best cryptographic practices mixing two non-correlated randomness sources for stronger keys
  • A secure quantum-powered solution with market-leading HSMs and QRNG
  • Multi-layered approach to HSM security with FIPS 140-2-validated hardware
  • Higher resistance to brute force attacks with an additional layer of quantum-level RNG security
  • Ability to meet wider compliance requirements (FIPS/AIS31 level TPG.3-validated randomness)

ID Quantique (IDQ)


Integrated Application(s):

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