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HID/ActivID: Crypto Management with SafeNet

About HID/ActivIdentity

HID Global produces products and services related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for millions of customers worldwide. Serving a variety of markets, their solutions provide security for physical access control, including strong authentication/credential management, card personalization, visitor management, government ID, and identification technologies used in animal ID, industry, and logistics applications. HID Global’s ActivID product family enables a wide range of companies to provide their customers with secure and convenient access to online services, including retail, corporate, banking and insurance services. SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) integrates with HID/ActiveID to provide users with a secure card issuance and management solution.


Delivering a full range of flexible authentication and credentialing options that give businesses confidence in their users’ identities on all types of devices, the HID ActivID® IT Security portfolio protects access to everything from the cloud and online data to physical doors. HID/ActivIDentity has three applications that integrate with two SafeNet hardware security modules, Luna SA and ProtectServer External HSMs, to provide users with secure crypto management solutions.

HID/ActivID: Crypto Management with SafeNet

611 Center Ridge Drive
Austin, Texas 78753
United States
North America
Main Phone: (949) 732-2000
(800) 237-7769
Fax:(949) 732-2120

Integrated Application(s):

    HID/ActiveIdentity 4Tress Authentication Server: IAM with ProtectServer ExternalVerified Partner Logo
    SafeNet ProtectServer External HSM integrates with HID/ActiveIdentity 4Tress Authentication Server. ProtectServer is a FIPS 140-2 level 3-validated, PCI-compliant expansion card that provides crypto management security in a tamper-proof form factor that safeguards against physical attacks and data theft.

    HID/ActiveIdentity ActivID CMS: IAM with Luna SAVerified Partner Logo
    SafeNet Luna SA HSM, a robust and secure hardware appliance, integrates with HID/ActiveIdentity ActivID CMS to provide users with an identity and authentication management (IAM) solution.

    HID/ActiveIdentity Key Management Server: Card Issuance and Management with Luna SAVerified Partner Logo
    SafeNet Luna SA HSM, a robust and secure hardware appliance, integrates with HID/ActiveIdentity Key Management Server to ensure the integrity and security of cryptographic operations. This includes digital keys, and card issuance and management, all protected within a robust, high-availability appliance.

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