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Evolium: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

About Evolium

Evolium delivers information technology security solutions for consumers and businesses, including the use of digital signatures. The rise in use of digital certifications and authentication mechanisms based on public key infrastructures has led to unprecedented growth in digital certificate usage in mission-critical areas. Evolium Redtrust integrates with SafeNet Luna PCI hardware security module (HSM) to provide a highly secured digital certificate environment.


The increasing use of digital signatures requires organizations to address the need for security. Evolium’s Redtrust provides tools for this in a solution that enables the safe, controlled and centralized use of digital certificates in an organization without the need for installation and storage on end users' workstations. Evolium Redtrust integrates with SafeNet Luna PCI HSM, a tamper-proof and dedicated hardware appliance that protects digital certificates and keys.

Evolium: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

Passeig de Gràcia 18, 2 2
Barcelona, 8007
Main Phone: +34 934 532 546
Fax:+34 933 807 755

Integrated Application(s):

    Evolium redTrust: Digital Signatures with Luna PCI
    As part of its tools that enable controlled and secure use of digital certificates, Evolium’s Redtrust manages the lifecycle of digital certificates in an organization, including enabling regulatory and corporate compliance. Evolium redTrust integrates with SafeNet Luna PCI HSM, a PCI accelerator card that protects sensitive cryptographic keys from attack and provides certificate services and security.

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