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Data Security Solutions for Cloud Service Providers and Managed Service Providers

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According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global cloud computing services market is estimated to reach $127 billion by 2017.  But often, the transition from traditional data centers to the cloud is impeded by lingering questions that companies have surrounding their ability to illustrate control of data and to maintain compliance with industry regulations in cloud environments.

These challenges are often what’s holding back the addressable market for cloud service providers (CSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Gemalto works with CSPs and MSPs to remove cloud adoption barriers and create differentiation in the market with identity and data protection solutions that enable companies to remain protected, compliant, and in control of their data as they adopt on-demand cloud and hosted services.

Our Cloud Computing Security Solutions

Gemalto has developed a comprehensive set of cloud security solutions for CSPs and MSPs that allows them to enhance trust, achieve higher adoption of cloud services, and grow a bigger footprint for cloud use among their existing customers with authentication, encryption, and key management solutions that help companies to maintain control and compliance in virtual and cloud environments.

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Cloud Access Control

Seamlessly extend secure access to the cloud through identity federation, leveraging existing authentication infrastructures to extend users' identities to the cloud, enabling unified access control policies for both cloud and network applications.

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Data Protection on Demand

Cloud-based HSM, Key Management and Encryption

SafeNet Data Protection On Demand is a cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of on-demand Cloud hSM, encryption and key management services through a simple online marketplace. With SafeNet Data Protection On Demand, security is made simpler, more cost effective and easier to manage because there is no hardware to buy, deploy and maintain. Just click and deploy the protection you need, provision services, add security policies and get usage reporting in minutes.

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Cryptographic Key Storage Service for the Cloud

With SafeNet Network Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), cloud service providers can offer a “rentable” HSM service that dedicates a single-tenant appliance located in the service providers cloud for a customer’s cryptographic storage needs. Customers can securely generate, store, and manage the cryptographic keys used for data encryption, such that they are accessible only with explicit authorization by the customer’s administrators and never leaving the appliance, providing a secure foundation for cryptography in the cloud.

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Cryptographic Key Management for the Cloud

With SafeNet KeySecure, CSPs can offer a key management service for centrally, efficiently, and securely managing cryptographic keys and policies—across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise via the cloud.

Learn more about SafeNet KeySecure
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Data in Motion Encryption for the Cloud

Safeguard data in motion with high speed Layer 2 encryption designed to meet network performance demands for real-time low latency and near-zero overhead to provide security without compromise for data traversing the cloud.

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Cloud Application Protection

With the SafeNet ProtectApp application protection solution, cloud service providers can offer customers an encryption solution for securing sensitive data that hosted applications process. SafeNet ProtectApp is combined with our SafeNet KeySecure key management platform to support a broad range of the industry’s most widely used web application servers and enterprise applications.

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Cloud Database Protection

Help your customers protect sensitive corporate and customer information stored in databases in cloud environments by offering SafeNet ProtectDB. Customers use our database encryption solution to protect sensitive data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, national ID numbers, passwords, account numbers, and more.

Learn more about SafeNet ProtectDB
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File Encryption for the Cloud

With Gemalto’s file and storage encryption offerings, service providers can offer data security with automated file encryption of unstructured data contained in network drives, file servers, network attached storage, and more. SafeNet ProtectFile encrypts flat files that contain sensitive data, such as text documents, spreadsheets, bitmap images, and vector drawings. The solution combine encryption and access control policies to protect designated folders and files.

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Virtual Machine and Storage Encryption for the Cloud

For service providers that want customers to move their sensitive data to the cloud, but have to address issues with ownership, security, and compliance there is SafeNet ProtectV. SafeNet ProtectV encrypts entire virtual machines and attached storage volume, enabling customers to securely migrate even the most private, highly regulated data to the cloud or hosted infrastructure.

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