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IDnomic (formerly OpenTrust)

About IDnomic (formerly OpenTrust)

IDnomic (formerly OpenTrust) is the leading provider of trust services for the protection of digital identities.

The company provides peace of mind for users who want to communicate, authenticate, and exchange confidential data safely:

  • Employees who must have secure access to data from their multi-channel enterprise objects via any network, anywhere
  • Connected devices which must be deployed in a secure and monitored environment in order to be used with confidence by the general public
  • Citizens who need electronic identity and travel documents when traveling and to access secure e-government services

IDnomic is a Trusted Third Party that provides PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) both in the cloud and under license.

To enhance the protection of digital data and processes, IDnomic’s PKI Software Suite integrates with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide crypto security and management solutions.

IDnomic (formerly OpenTrust)

175, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Issy-Les-Moulineaux Cedex , 92138
Main Phone: +33 1 55 64 22 00
Fax:+33 1 55 64 22 01

Integrated Application(s):

    IDnomic PKI Software Suite: Protecting Digital Identities with OpenTrust CMS and OpenTrust PKI

    IDnomic PKI and Credential Management Systems (CMS) allow their customers to protect identities by issuing digital certificates and managing user credentials on multiple devices (Tokens, Smart Cards, Mobiles…). Customer use cases include strong authentication, data encryption, and digital signatures. Serving government, corporate and IoT markets, the solution addresses also a wide variety of verticals needs, including banking, industry, utilities, telecommunications and services sectors.

    IDnomic solutions integrate the following SafeNet products:
    - ProtectServer
    - Luna PCI
    - Luna SA
    - IDPrime MD
    - SafeNet Authentication Client

    Resource and Additional Information

    Using SafeNet Authentication Client CBA for OpenTrust

    IDnomic TimeStamping: Secure and reliable solutions
    IDnomic Timestamping allows our customers to set up performance oriented timestamping services, either On premises or Cloud based. IDnomic incorporates SafeNet HSM to protect and secure these services. 

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