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SafeNet Helps GeoID to Protect its Innovative Visualization Software against IP Theft and Misuse

August 05, 2014

GeoID, a leading software provider for the visualization and creation of interactive 3D virtual landscape models, has deployed Sentinel LDK (Licensing Development Kit), SafeNet Inc.’s comprehensive software monetization solution, to protect the intellectual property of its innovative software and to improve licensing management for its customers.

One of GeoID’s surveying products, Virtual Surveyor, creates a 3D virtual environment from data acquired through unmanned aerial systems. This technology allows surveyors to create a survey in the virtual environment instead of doing manual measurements in the field. The entitlement management features of Sentinel LDK have improved GeoID’s back office process, improving visibility into customer activity and decreasing administrative effort.

"We are confident that with Sentinel LDK, our valuable and innovative visualization software is secure while our customers can easily move licenses from one computer to another through the Sentinel HL Pro and Network hardware keys. While our software users have the flexibility they require, we are protected against theft and misuse of our IP," said Tom Op’t Enydt, General Manager at GeoID.

The Sentinel LDK Trialware feature also provides GeoID a solution for creating secure, controlled demo versions of their software so prospects are able to try before they buy, increasing GeoID’s market reach and revenue potential.

"SafeNet Sentinel LDK makes our life much easier in terms of managing our customers and their licenses. The reduction in administrative time devoted to licensing is a huge cost saver for us. The solution provides us both with the software licensing protection that we need as well as the licensing flexibility that our customers want," Op’t Enydt added.

About GeoID
GeoID develops software for the 3D GIS and landscape visualization market. Their software enables users to create and analyze interactive landscapes in a fast and cost effective manner using landscape data gathered from unmanned aerial systems, satellite images, digital elevation models, CAD data, topographic maps and geographic databases. GeoID’s virtual landscapes are used by professionals in surveying, road planning and design, land planning and mining. For more information on GeoID, please visit: or follow us on LinkedIn.

About SafeNet’s Software Monetization
SafeNet’s software monetization business unit delivers innovative and reliable software licensing and entitlement management solutions to software publishers, technology vendors, and cloud service providers worldwide. With a proven history of adapting to new requirements and introducing new technologies to address evolving market conditions, SafeNet’s more than 10,000 customers around the globe know that by choosing Sentinel, they choose the freedom to evolve how they do business today, tomorrow, and beyond. For more information, visit:


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