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Three-Quarters of Software Publishers Will Head to the Cloud in Search of New Revenue

Two-thirds plan to leverage cloud-based software delivery to improve customer experience, reduce operating costs and tap into new markets in the next year

May 07, 2013

Software monetization market leader SafeNet, Inc. and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) today released additional results of a joint survey of more than 600 software developers and 200 enterprise software end users, revealing current trends, adoption rates, and drivers of cloud-based software delivery.

Key Findings:

  •  Three-quarters of software publishers plan to be in the cloud by the end of 2013; Hybrid models expected to dominate through 2017 
  •  More than half of software publishers expect operating costs to decline once in the cloud ; 25 percent still cite cost and complexity as biggest barrier to entry  
  •  35 percent of enterprise end users cite inflexible licensing as #1 software consumption headache; Close to half of software publishers expect to improve end-user experience with cloud   


Cloud Adoption Trends

Today, 65 percent of software publishers report offering all or a portion of their portfolios as a cloud service, and, on average, cloud services comprise 24 percent of a typical company’s software portfolio. Though approximately one-third of software publishers have yet to offer cloud-based services, 75 percent of the respondents have plans to offer at least some of their product portfolios as a service in the next year. Of those with mixed portfolios (i.e., both cloud and non-cloud offerings), the percentage of cloud offerings is expected to remain steady at 25 percent. During the next five years, the survey indicates that the cloud will continue to grow as a percentage of overall portfolios for publishers, even though the number of publishers with no cloud presence will remain steady at 25 percent.     

“Cloud-based software delivery is attractive to software publishers and end users alike, most often because of the promise of increased transparency, more flexible business models, and perceived operational simplicity,” said Michelle Nerlinger, Vice President at SafeNet. “The ability to reap these benefits is strongly dependent on a software publisher’s ability to effectively track, control, and manage their applications in an automated and operationally effective manner. This means that the implementation of effective licensing and entitlement management techniques will be key to achieving software monetization success in the cloud. For transitioning or hybrid software publishers, a platform capable of managing on-premise and cloud applications in tandem will be absolutely critical.”    

Understanding Publisher and End-User Adoption Drivers

The most common driver for software publishers to offer cloud-based services is to reduce the operational costs associated with product delivery, activation, and support (cited by 62 percent of respondents). Additional motives include improving customer experience by “reducing end-user headaches” (46 percent); the ability to access new and niche markets (48 percent); improved usage tracking (33 percent); and faster time to market (32 percent).     

Sixty-one percent of software publishers that have already adopted a cloud-based software delivery approach confirm the validity of these expectations by reporting a positive financial impact, due to reduced operations costs or increased revenue. Reinforcing that, only six percent of respondents reported a negative financial impact or security threat once introducing cloud-based software delivery.     

Software publishers are not alone in their desire for the flexibility and transparency promised by cloud-based software delivery. Thirty-five percent of enterprise end-users reported inflexible licenses that don’t meet organizational needs as the number one headache related to software consumption. In addition, 14 percent of enterprise end users cited cloud-based services as their top software licensing model preference, and 16 percent specifically identified a metered billing method as their preferred pricing model.     

“At the SIIA, we’re watching with great interest how cloud-based software delivery has changed and continues to change over time,” said Rhianna Collier, Vice President of the SIIA’s Software Division. “We’re expecting to see a rise in the adoption of software-as-a-service as developers and users alike look to take advantage of the benefits that the cloud can offer.”    

Obstacles to Adoption

More than half (55 percent) of software developers do not see their organizations as “cloud-ready,” with security concerns about data in the cloud (36 percent), and the perceived cost and complexity of the transition from on-premise (25 percent) being cited as the biggest obstacles to true cloud readiness. On average, respondents said it would take 16 months to make all or a portion of their product portfolio cloud-ready; however, 26 percent of respondents believed that they could never move their offerings to the cloud.     

Additional Resources:

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