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Tokenless Authenticators

Thales offers many different tokenless authenticators. Utilizing this solution is a great way to offer your end user both security and convenience. Prevent hacking attempts and breaches by circumventing the need to provision and ship a physical token.

Thales offers the following tokenless authentication solutions:

Out of Band or SMS

Delivered by SMS text messages or email, out-of-band authentication reduces the administrative overhead of a strong authentication solution by removing the need to install software or distribute hardware.

Push OTP

SafeNet’s MobilePASS+ is a next generation software token that offers secure one-time passcode (OTP) generation on mobile devices, as well as single-tap push authentication for enhanced user convenience. Integrating out-of-the-box with a broad range of enterprise resources, the MobilePASS+ app offers frictionless authentication for users, as well as simple management for IT administrators.

Software Authentication

Mobile phone- and software-based multi-factor authentication products enable organizations to significantly save on hardware and deployment costs, while users benefit by not having to carry an additional hardware token around with them.

Grid or Pattern Based Authentication

Gemalto’s GrIDsure flexible authentication method allows an end-user to generate a one-time password without the requirement for hardware tokens or software applications. GrIDsure tokens work by presenting the end-user with a matrix of cells which contain random characters, from which they select a 'personal identification pattern' (PIP).

Multi-factor authentication AND Access Management

Apply your tokenless authentication methods within Thales' Access Management and Authentication Service

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