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Passwordless Authentication

Traditional passwords have many downfalls. The average user has 27 different applications which need verification, choosing a different password for each app becomes cumbersome and most often the same password is just reused, which greatly compromises security. That’s where passwordless authentication comes in.

Passwordless authentication offers the user a way to verify themselves while not having to remember or manually type passwords, which in turn provides stronger security and fewer breaches. So how does it work?

  • Thales offers several authentication solutions for passwordless SSO (single sign on) by using a combination of Push OTP and Biometric PIN or Push OTP and PIN.
  • Biometric verification can include face recognition or the finger sensor when used as a second factor to access a token on an iOS, Android or Windows 10 device.
  • We also support Voice, in which a 3rd Party SMS provider is configured to translate SMS OTP to voice audio

These methods are supported by Windows 10, Windows Hello, iOS, Android and Thales’s MobilePASS+and available as part of SafeNet’s Authentication as a Service

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