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SafeNet Access Management and Authentication Management Considerations

Support for Your Evolving Identity, Authentication and Access Management Needs

The ability to provide robust, automated Authentication Management is crucial to achieving effective access management. Authentication management consists of the ability to easily provision authentication tokens to users, and then integrate MFA into broader access policies. 

Gemalto provides organizations with a strong, flexible authentication management within its access management solutions, enabling organizations to better handle the challenges of the digital transformation. While digital technology has simplified the way that we do business, it has also put corporations at risk — identity theft, hacking, data regarding customers, finances, employees, confidential designs, and other sensitive material. Cyber criminals can steal almost any identity record, and organizations today need, more than ever, to protect resources and the access to these resources.

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End to isolation: Unified visibility into access events

Businesses today are seldom located in one physical location without having to work with suppliers, contractors or other branches. Therefore, organizations need to consider not only who or what needs to be protected, but also the origination of the access. Today, organizations need a solution that centrally manages and secures access to web and cloud-based applications.

Why is this important? Businesses have been adopting more and more cloud-based applications, such as Salesforce, AWS, Dropbox, to name just a few. However, as businesses add more web and cloud-based applications, it’s more difficult to manage passwords to these apps and unify visibility into cloud access events. Requests for user name and password resets drain help desk time and raises security risks. Data breach incidents muster in media reports, causing CISOs and IT professionals to seek solutions.

Convenient and Safe Access Management

With Gemalto, businesses can conveniently protect cloud applications and handle risk management requirements by leveraging their inherent security and authentication methods – with automated authentication management and token provisioning.

Gemalto provides organizations with strong, flexible access management and strong authentication solutions. It works with its partners to provide a comprehensive platform to manage the full authentication life cycle across the enterprise and extend strong authentication to the cloud, using a single, integrated system. Users need a simple login experience that does not compromise on security or compliance requirements such as NIST, FIPS, CC, GDPR or others.

Your enterprise needs to understand its particular use cases and business requirements. This could include various assurance levels for a large variety of endpoints or networks. A comprehensive IAM solution can include Card Management Systems for strong authentication use cases involving smart cards. 

Card Management Systems for Smart Cards

Card Management Systems can manage smart cards used for physical and logical access. They can help secure devices and fully integrate into customers’ ecosystems. For example, card management systems help onboard new employees or revoke their access to resources should they leave the company.

Deploying an IAM solution can improve the overall security of your enterprise and let your users adopt it with minimal disruption to their daily routines. An effective IAM solution will let organizations use varied and strong authentication methods with a centralized management console that is easy to configure and control. SafeNet can provide just that: simplified user experience without compromising on security.


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