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SafeNet Authentication Service

Fully Automated Authentication as-a-Service

SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) delivers fully-automated, highly secure authentication-as-a service with flexible token options that are tailored to the unique needs of your organization, substantially reducing the total cost of operation.

SSO + MFA + Access Management

All in one platform

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SafeNet Authentication Service offers:

  • Reduced IT management overhead thanks to fully automated lifecycle administration of users, permissions and tokens, including provisioning, updates and revocation, and automated alerts and reporting.
  • Broad Use Case Coverage, with support for VPNs, VDI, cloud applications, local network access, and web portals.
  • Broad integration ecosystem, enabling integration with any enterprise application using RADIUS, SAML 2.0, Agent or API.
  • Cloud efficiencies (optional), which include security patching, backup, BC/DR and high availability management, which are all managed from the cloud backend. Organizations not comfortable with cloud delivery, can install the solution in their datacenter.
  • Increased user convenience thanks to frictionless authentication methods and federated login, which lets users log in to their cloud applications their with current enterprise identity.
  • Shared services with multi-tier architecture, which significantly simplify the management of accounting, billing, inventory and security policies across business units, departments and subsidiaries. Policies can be inherited from higher tiers and customized as needed.
  • Easy migration from third party authentication solutions, enabling an incremental move from an existing solution whilst protecting organizations’ current authentication investments.

SafeNet Trusted Access has been awarded the 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for best Identity and Access Management product, recognized as:

2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for best Identity and Access Management product

  • An Identity and Access Management industry leader that supports a broad range of authentication methods including PKI
  • A smart SSO provider with an SSO and authentication offer applied per policy
  • An innovator: SafeNet Trusted Access provides use-case based policy setting with a multi-dimensional scenario-driven approach, suited to real-life use-cases


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5 Star Review

SC Magazine 5 Star Rating

"[SafeNet] Authentication Service is built around a significant collection of automation workflows that allow administrators to manage thousands of users, even with limited administrator overhead. The company prides itself on its over 200 integrations leading it to claim - rightly so, we believe - that if it takes a username and password on a login screen they can add strong authentication to it."

— Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

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Access Management - Handbook

Access Management Handbook

Do you manage user access with the convenience of cloud single sign-on and granular security?

Download the Access Management handbook

Watch how Gemalto helps prevent identity theft at VUMC

SAS Automated Management Icon
Fully Automated Management
  • Fully automated lifecycle administration of users, permissions and tokens
  • Automated threshold and event-based alerts
  • Over-the-air provisioning of soft tokens and tokenless methods
  • User self-service portals that reduce help desk overhead
Identity Federation Icon
Broad Integration Ecosystem
  • 150+ fully tested out-of-the-box integrations
  • Secure any enterprise use case: network logon, Cloud (SaaS), VDI, VPN, web portals and custom applications
  • RADIUS-as-a-Service, SAML-as-a-Service
  • Authentication SDK offers broad APIs for authentication, administration, self-service and web services, free with platform
Cloud TCO Icon
Cloud Efficiencies
  • Deploys with your current infrastructure
  • No hardware requirements
  • Lower day-to-day IT management overheads
  • Flexible, as-a-service pricing
Multi-tenant Architecture Icon
Multi-tier/Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Accommodates multiple business units, clients, regions and groups
  • Allows delegation of administration to local or remote staff
  • Fully customizable security policies, fully brandable interface
  • Shared services model enables accounting and inventory management per BU
2FA Tokens Icon
Broad Choice of 2FA Methods and Tokens
  • Context-based authentication
  • OTP soft tokens (OTP apps) for mobile, desktop and Mac
  • OTP hardware key fob tokens
  • OOB via push notifications
  • OOB via email or SMS
  • Pattern-based authentication (GrIDsure)
ISO Standards Logo
Standards-based Security
  • ISO 27001:2013, AICPA SOC-2 Recognition
  • FIPS 140-2 validated soft tokens
  • DSKPP secure provisioning soft tokens
  • Hardware-based root of trust (token secrets and encryption keys secured in an HSM)
As-a-service v. On-Premise Icon
Flexible As-a-Service or On-Prem Delivery
  • SafeNet Authentication Service Cloud Edition – For optimal cloud efficiencies
  • SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition - For on-premises deployment

SafeNet Authentication Service Benefits

Low Total Cost of Operation
  • Simple, low, per-user pricing model with no hidden or additional costs
  • Cloud platform, reduced helpdesk expenses, lowered management time by 90%
  • Large-scale automation, user provisioning, and user self-enrollment

Quick Cloud Migration
  • Smooth transition from an existing third party RADIUS authentication server
  • Maintain current token investment while immediately benefiting from lower operational costs
  • Automated processes significantly reduce administration and management overheads

Peace of Mind
  • Robustness, availability and protection, in a trusted cloud environment


How does it work?

With no infrastructure required, SafeNet Authentication Service enables a quick migration to a multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud environment, and protects everything, from cloud-based and on-premise applications, to networks, users and devices.

SafeNet Authentication Service - Protect Everything Diagram

4.75 Star Review

SC Magazine 4.75 Star Rating

"[SafeNet Authentication Service] is a cloud-based authentication service that enables enterprises to secure online assets. It generates a 4- to 16-character pin, which is unique to the user for authentication. To test the product we accessed every feature that the token had to offer: the basic token generation feature, the changing of an individual's pin, and challenging the pin. Each feature passed easily."

— Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

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