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From Need to know, to Enabled to Share - Cross Domain Solutions

Information sharing has become critical to maintaining national security. Agencies need to communicate mission-critical information between people, organizations, locations, communities of interest, and security domains, while ensuring exchange of correct and authorized data with authorized recipients. To solve this problem, agencies employ cross domain solutions that provide assured information sharing with the ability to securely transfer information between two or more differing communities of interest or security domains.

Securing Government Data Sharing

Cybersecurity Situational Awareness  - Situational analysis demands the integration of high volume, high velocity data from both internal and external sources.  Cross Domain messaging tools establish real time access to intelligence data, events, logs and sensors across multiple enclaves without connecting logical networks. Identifying possible exploits, network attacks and data exfiltration challenges security teams to correlate data from across the many parts of their IT organization and collaborate with their peers. 

Disaster Response - In the event of a natural disaster, Federal agencies must quickly establish lines of communication with non-government organizations (NGO's) to coordinate response and support services. State and local police, hospitals, and volunteers providing assistance in the recovery process require open access to intelligence feeds, geo-spatial services, and communications. In the past, availability of data sources and applications were limited by closed networks and systems (aka silos).

Supply Chain Security - Collaboration with outside partners has always been a major hurdle for the rapid delivery of mission critical technology and information.  With an increasingly globalized supply chain risks posed by insider threat, and partnerships of the moment, corporate and military espionage has rapidly become a major acquisition lifecycle concern.

Defense and Intelligence Coordination - As multiple military, government and civilian agencies create, store, process, and maintain data critical to the nation’s security, cross domain solutions are necessary for timely and secure communications between multiple organizations. SafeNet’s MDeX System provides government agencies a communications solution that offers unprecedented speed, security and flexibility unlike any of the solutions currently approved for use in these environments. 

Cloud Assurance - The cloud provides the ability to align just-in-time processing and storage capacity with ever changing business needs.  Along with those benefits, the cloud introduces an environment which includes many user communities each with their own unique security policies and controls.  Without direct physical and logical control of their data organizations must increase the rigor of the services protecting their information as it moves throughout the cloud.  SafeNet’s data protection offerings provide such services while the data is at rest or in-transit.

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