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    Enterprise Key Management

    Today, many enterprises are suffering from encryption creep—disparate, isolated pods of encryption deployments scattered across workgroups, infrastructure elements, and locations. Each encryption pod has its own keys, its own policy enforcement, and its own mechanisms for managing security keys across their lifecycle.  

    Given the vital nature of keys, this proliferation presents significant issues for enterprises today. If keys are compromised, so is sensitive data. If keys are lost or inadvertently deleted, so is data. Further, the isolated nature of key management breeds inefficiency that costs companies dearly—whether in terms of capital costs, staffing costs, failed audits, or errors and oversights.  

    With SafeNet, organizations can centrally, efficiently, and securely manage cryptographic keys and policies—across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise. SafeNet solutions can manage keys across heterogeneous encryption platforms, offering support for the KMIP standard as well as proprietary interfaces. Now, security teams can uniformly view, control, and administer cryptographic policies and keys for all their sensitive data—whether it resides in the cloud, in storage, in databases, or virtually anywhere else.   

    Boost security.  Customers can store and manage keys in central, hardened appliances, and gain the visibility and control they need to consistently and effectively enforce security controls.

    Ensure data availabilty.  Through secure key storage, high availability, and scalability, SafeNet solutions help organizations ensure keys are always available - so data is always available.

    Streamline administration.  Adminstrators can centrally manage keys and policies with more speed, ease, and efficiency.

    Sustain compliance.  Centralized platform enables customer to ensure and demonstrate compliance with stringent security policies and compliance mandates.


    Simplified and Centralized Heterogeneous Key Management

    • Unified key managment platform with centralized key lifecycle management for heterogeneous encryption keys
    • Manages a variety of encryption and data protection solutions, including storage devices, encryption switches, tape libraries, self-encrypting drives, HSMs, applications, databases and cloud encryption deployments
    • Consumes and manages keys from KMIP solutions in addition to proprietary protocols from existing and legacy systems
    • Consolidated key security policies with verifiable audit trail for all key management actions
    • High assurance and scalability supporting millions of keys across multiple platforms

    Centralized Encryption and Key Management

    • Data protection with granular encryption capabilities applied to databases, applications, mainframes and individual files
    • Offloads high capacity encryption operations from databases, applications, and file sytems
    • Protects and manages cryptographic keys at their core and ensures policy management on the data
    • Manages tokenization vaults and ensures tokenization policies are enforced