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The everyday consumer assumes that when they make a purchase, either online or in the checkout-line, their card data is handed off to a trusted source with proper security in place. They don’t see the complicated ecosystem that exists to process that transaction, nor fully understand the retail data security mechanisms that make up the foundation for protecting customer data.

The retail ecosystem is complex. One compliance standard doesn't cover all vulnerabilities points. In order to offset the chance of a breach, it is critical for retailers to understand the vulnerability points, and establish a plan of action to mitigate the risks.

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Retail Data Breaches Cost Businesses Customers

64% of consumers are unlikely to do business again with a company that experiences a breach in which financial information is stolen.

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Retail Security Solutions for Protecting Customer Data

With the help of Gemalto's SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions, retailers can successfully protect customer data obtained from transactions and other operations and dramatically reduce the cost and complexity associated with regulatory compliance.

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PCI DSS Compliance

For retailers, the most significant compliance mandate is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard—outlining a set of 12 that covers secure networks, the protection of cardholder data, the implementation of a vulnerability management program, guidelines for stronger access controls, and the establishment of an information security policy.

Learn more about PCI DSS Compliance
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Customer Data Encryption and Tokenization 

Beyond cardholder data, retailers need to protect all sensitive data wherever it exists, and limit access to this data. Utilizing encryption and/or tokenization is the most effective way to secure data, even when a breach has occurred.

Learn more about Data-at-Rest Encryption and Tokenization
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Securing the Point-of-Sale Devices and Applications

Security needs to include the point-of-sale or point-of-interaction terminals, and the payment application software. These devices are more connected than ever before, and even more appealing target for an attacker. For this reason, code signing is used to issue unique identities, and securely push software updates to the devices in the field.

Learn more about Code Signing
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Point-to-Point Encryption

Point-to-Point Encryption encrypts card data from the earliest possible moment of its capture, and ensures that data remains in a consistent encrypted state until it arrives at the payment gateway. This approach is the cleanest approach to transaction protection.

Learn more about Point-to-Point Encryption
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eCommerce Security

eCommerce poses even different, but equally challenging issues, compared to the traditional retail environment. By creating an encrypted tunnel, through a secure socket layer (SSL), retailers are able to protect their online customers’ data from the earliest possible moment—establishing a secure, encrypted communication session to allow private information to be transmitted across open networks such as the Internet.

Learn more about SSL Security
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Secure Communications

Encrypting the high speed communication networks set-up between the store sites datacenter is a critical next step for securing the infrastructure and protecting customer data, cardholder data, and overall company information.

Learn more about Data-in-Motion Encryption
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In developing the Solve DataShield offering, it was vital that we effectively comply with all the relevant PCI P2PE standards, including robust key management policies. Gemalto SafeNet Luna EFT HSMs delivered all the security capabilities that were required, while providing a platform that we could deploy quickly and manage efficiently.
- Nick Stacey, Dir. of Business & Market Operations at The Logic Group

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