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Password Protection

The World Leading Password Protection and USB-based Strong Authentication Solution

Password protection, has long been considered the easiest way to safeguard invaluable digital resources. But the widespread prevalence of password protection has undermined their effectiveness.

Although one password may be easy to remember, handling many passwords is counterproductive since in order to remember multiple passwords, users write them down, compromising the very security they were supposed to provide.

Get the peace of mind you need – and the security you demand – by putting your trust in eToken: the world's leading password protection and USB-based strong authentication solution.

Safenet's suite of strong authentication and password protection solutions ensures that only authorized individuals access your organization's sensitive information - enabling business, protecting data, lowering IT costs, and boosting user productivity.

Password Protection as a Business Solution

To enable password protection for new business opportunities and to protect data and identities, stronger user authentication has become a critical component of a holistic security program.

Strong authentication and password protection solutions boost productivity by allowing partners and employees to securely access business applications in the office, at home, or on the road, and provide a secure way for customers and users to access their private accounts and carry out transactions online (transaction security) with the confidence that their digital identities and personal information is safe.

SafeNet offers you the ultimate power and flexibility to implement effective password protection and secure access to your digital business resources.

Learn more about eToken's password protection and strong authentication benefits.
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