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Healthcare Data Security Solutions

From medical records to insurance forms to prescription services, the healthcare business is a networked environment – allowing patient information to be shared and managed by a variety of parties and from a number of endpoints, each with their own level of security for protecting that information.

Maintaining the security of patient data is a complex proposition that affects:

  • Every employee of a healthcare facility
  • Every area of its IT system
  • All vendors, partners, and insurers that work with the healthcare provider

It's no surprise cyber criminals see medical data as particularly valuable as it enables them to illegally obtain medical goods and services or sell the sensitive information.

As a result, it is crucial that organizations implement healthcare data security solutions that will protect important assets while also satisfying healthcare compliance mandates.

Data Security Weak Spots - Achilles Heel

Do You Know Your Security Weak Spots?

Cyber criminals do. Secure your information and prepare for a potential breach with Gemalto's SafeNet solutions for healthcare data protection.

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SafeNet Healthcare Data Security Benefits

  • Comply with applicable regulations and standards, including:
  • Protect the integrity of your medical applications

  • Secure patient records and information, claim activity, and other medical transactions to ensure high efficiency, and security

  • Identify and control the employees, customers, suppliers, patients, and partners accessing your applications and system

  • Reduce implementation time and cost to ensure deadlines are met and fines avoided

  • Eliminate the need for investing in disparate systems from different vendors

  • Secure the exchange of records and information, claim activity, and other transactions amongst healthcare providers and insurers

Our Healthcare Data Security Solutions:

SafeNet Multi-Factor Authentication

Control access to a range of medical systems, and become compliant with the DEA’s EPCS and other regulations. Our authentication solutions can be used not only to reauthenticate to EHR systems when issuing eRx’s for controlled substances, but also to secure remote access to EHRs for practitioners working off premises.

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SafeNet Hardware Security Module

SafeNet HSMs, combined with IAM solutions, provide high assurance protection of identites used to grant physical and logical access to users. HSMs also help protect transactions and applications, ensure data integrity, and maintain an audit trail.

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Data Encryption and Key Management

Data encryption and key management solutions protect and maintain ownership of data throughout its lifecycle — from the data center to the endpoint (including mobile devices used by physicians, clinicians, and administrators) and into the cloud.

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High Speed Network Encryption - Healthcare Data Security

High-performance data in motion encryption solutions persistently protect information, ensure control beyond location or boundary, streamline operations, facilitate disaster recovery, and reduce compliance costs.

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Healthcare Data Breach Statistics 2015

Healthcare Data Security in Critical Condition

According to the Breach Level Index (BLI), healthcare companies experienced the most data breaches of any industry last year – 374 total breaches – and accounted for 19% of all data records compromised worldwide.

Read the BLI Report

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