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    Data Loss Prevention

    Your compliance posture and competitive advantage is closely related to to the data and identity protection strategies deployed in your organization. Preventing data loss of  personally identifiable information (PII) and mitigating risk is critical.. From patient information and customer records to credit card numbers and employee information, organizations must ensure confidentiality or face stiff penalties.  Put succinctly, the data loss prevention of PII is not only good business but a legal requirement.

    Employing the right type of technology is imperative to mitigating and controlling these risks and ensuring compliance with data privacy laws. An effective data loss prevention or data loss protection solution must be able to: 

    •  Discriminate between authorized personnel and non-authorized users 
    •  Keep customer data safe even if it leaves the organization 
    •  Be applicable across multiple systems, locations, and devices 
    •  Provide simple management and control of access and security 

    Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management

    • SafeNet Data Loss Prevention is the only solution that secures information across the connected enterprise, protecting data wherever it resides throughout its lifecycle.
    • SafeNet helps organizations achieve regulatory compliance, ensure data privacy, and manage risk through comprehensive protection.

    Protecting Data Wherever it Resides

    • SafeNet’s complete line of data protection solutions allows large organizations to reduce the cost of ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation by providing a comprehensive and easily managed data encryption foundation.
    • SafeNet's integrated information security platform ensures centralized policy management and reporting for seamless management of encrypted data across databases, applications, file servers, networks, and endpoint devices.

    Data Loss Prevention Across Multiple Industries for More than 25 Years

    • SafeNet Protects the Most Money that Moves: $1 Trillion per Day
    • SafeNet Protects the Most Digital Identities: Most Gov't and F-100 PKIs + Strong Authentication
    • SafeNet Protects the Most High-Value Software: Over 80 million keys
    • SafeNet Protects the Most Government Information: Largest Deployment of Communications Security