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Information Security Compliance Policy

Problems with Your Information Security Compliance Policy?

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Many organizations address a compliance initiative with a “consultant-and-checklist” approach. A vendor's consultants set up shop onsite and the team runs through checklists to make sure that all controls are in place and all sensitive data is properly protected.

The consultant-and-checklist approach analyzes what an organization already has in place, and aims to patch up any problems and gaps that it finds. This often takes weeks or months. And when faced with the next compliance event, this process starts all over.

The problem with this approach is that overlapping, disconnected technologies and a patchwork of methodologies make it very difficult to apply and enforce information security compliance policies globally. Gaps can appear even with slight changes to mandates or infrastructure, resulting in inefficiencies and loss of control and visibility.

A Forward-Looking Compliance Policy

There is a better way to apply data protection policies. The first step is to look at the core information security principles that serve as the foundation of many mandates. 

  • Ensuring confidentiality of data

  • Maintaining the integrity of data

  • Enforcing administrator separation of duties on systems with confidential data

  • Maintaining audit and log records of confidential data and activities

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Keeping these principles in mind, enterprises' information security compliance policies should take an infrastructure-centric approach – one that builds an infrastructure that can support, manage, and enforce commonalities.

This approach is generally more effective for passing audits, complying with regulations, and meeting business goals. The system as a whole should address the current needs of the organization across a wide set of systems. This provides a way to enforce rules and policies consistently.

The advantages to this policy application approach include:

  • Eliminating encryption creep

  • Reducing encryption silos

  • Lowering the chance of administrators accidentally open up security and compliance holes

  • Eliminating a “patching up” approach to compliance

  • Saving an enormous amount of time, money, and resources—in the short term as well as the long term.

Developing an Effective Approach to Compliance:

Offering a full portfolio of authentication, encryption, and crypto management products, Gemalto is able to provide companies infrastructure-centric security solutions to ensure compliance while reducing cost and complexity.

Benefits of Gemalto Compliance Management:

  • Comprehensive, core-to-edge SafeNet enterprise data protection solution

  • Integrated security platform with centralized policy management and reporting

  • Only solution that secures data across the connected enterprise- data at rest, data in transit, and data in use

  • Single vendor to provide:

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