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Cloud-based services adoption is increasing every year and more and more businesses embrace the benefits that derive from managing their data and applications in the cloud. In parallel, users access the organization data and applications from a growing number of devices, in different locations, opening the door to new threats. Authentication as-a-Service enables organizations to easily apply strong authentication onto multiple access points.

“Gartner predicts that, by 2017, more than 50% of enterprises will choose cloud-based services as the delivery option for new or refreshed user authentication implementations, up from less than 10% today.” Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Authentication 2012

BlackShield Cloud delivers fully automated, soft-token focused, strong authentication as-a-Service. With no infrastructure required, BlackShield Cloud protects everything, from SaaS, through applications, to networks, and everyone, offering multiple token options.

Strong authentication is made easy with BlackShield Cloud’s fully automated management capabilities and processes and its flexible security policies, token choice and integration API’s. SafeNet authentication as-a-Service provides strong authentication, keeping your enterprise secure while dramatically reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Encouraging business in the Cloud, SafeNet offers an OPEX model subscription to its fully automated, highly secure, simple and intuitive Authentication as-a-Service solution.

BlackShield - Cloud

BlackShield Cloud is the world’s first authentication-as-a-service offering, bringing organizations the cost reduction and simplicity benefits of SaaS-style authentication. 

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BlackShield - Server

BlackShield Server allows organizations to benefit from the widest choice of authentication tokens and tokenless methods, along with the ability to protect anything: networks, applications and the Cloud. 

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BlackShield - Tokens 

SafeNet tokens are convenient, inexpensive, reliable and of course, never expire. Choose from a wide range of phone, software, SMS and physical tokens, or consider the grIDsure tokenless method. 

Learn more about BlackShield Tokens

Service Provider Solutions 

Strong authentication is becoming crucial for all organizations, creating a huge market opportunity which Service Providers are uniquely positioned to fulfill.

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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Identity Management has changed: trends such as social networking have drastically increased the likelihood of password theft, and ever increasing attack vectors for hackers highlight that identity theft is the single biggest vulnerability in enterprise networks.

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Case Studies

Bas Trucks Netherlands

For years BAS Trucks has been an established name in the used truck market. As part of the BAS group, BAS Trucks is one of the leading companies in the worldwide buying and selling of used freight trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. "The reason we chose SafeNet tokens, is that we have many users in different places in and outside of Europe, that all work in many different ways. We have a need for hardware tokens, SMS tokens and the token apps on smart phones. So that people can work in the way they find most efficient."

Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning (YHGfL)

Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning (YHGfL) is a regional body consisting of 12 Local Authority members which in turn consist of over 2000 schools and their partners in learning. "We found the solution SafeNet offers to be 50 per cent less expensive than the competitors. It does exactly what we need it to for half the cost."


Multinational optical chain Specsavers needed to act quickly to secure its remote access network, while taking into account the needs of its rapidly growing business. SafeNet proved the right solution. "We have been using BlackShield-Cloud for over two years now, and have yet to replace a single token or battery. There are obvious cost and resource savings for us when using reliable long-life tokens and we are already seeing those benefits."

Northern Ireland Water

Government-owned Northern Ireland Water's network system requires the strongest security encryption on all its data. A recent upgrade to BLACKSHIELD 2.7 ensures ultra-secure protection along with the best functionality and flexibility. "We are happy with the installation as it enables staff to use their existing ironkeys as tokens and we benefit from flexible token choice."

Knight Frank LLP

Global property consultancy Knight Frank was concerned about business continuity in the event of a major systems outage. Working with SafeNet, the firm put in place an authentication system that has the added benefit of improving remote access for its staff around the world. "During the January 2010 snow storms across the UK, staff could continue working remotely without service disruption to our clients. In addition, for the IT Service Desk, the administration of keyfobs is far simpler than before."

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland

The Health and Social Care (HSC) system in Northern Ireland includes five HSC Trusts who provide integrated health and social care services across Northern Ireland – they are the Belfast, South Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern. "We switched to SafeNet two-factor authentication as they offered the best total cost of ownership when evaluated over a 3 year period."

Farrer & Co Build On Reputation

Farrer & Co is a leading London-based law firm with a distinguished reputation built up over three centuries. The firm offers wide-ranging specialist advice to a large number of prominent private, institutional and commercial clients. With a tradition of being at the forefront of legal changes and developments, the firm has been involved in many landmark cases shaping the law. "The TCO over three years is approximately 60 per cent cheaper than the previous system, taking into account maintenance costs and replacement tokens."

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

With local government in the UK under the most severe financial pressures in living memory, yet at the same time needing to improve the services it provides to local taxpayers, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council in the West Midlands found SafeNet's remote access solution a help on two levels. "The great benefit was that there was no upfront cost for us. Whenever one of our old tokens expired, we bought a new one from SafeNet. And the licensing model means that, every time we replace a token, we're saving money."

MoneyCorp Transaction Security

Foreign Exchange Company TTT Moneycorp carries out many transactions where the customer is not present and thus needed a security solution that could ensure users were properly identified and authenticated. SafeNet had the answer. "We're a people business and the combination of phone and online management of transactions with BlackShield-Cloud's resilient two-factor authentication gives our customers convenience and security."

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