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Securing Data in Motion - High Speed Network Encryption

Data in Motion Security is a Moving Target

Proven High-Assurance network security for your sensitive data, real-time video and voice, on the move from data center or site to site, or multiple sites, to back up and disaster recovery, to the last mile to the last mile, on-premises up to the cloud and back again.

Thales' SafeNet FIPS-certified network encryption devices offer the ideal solution for data in motion security, including time-sensitive voice and video streams, for enterprise and government organizations.

data in motion

      What Makes Gemalto the Best Data in Motion Encryption Partner?

      Data in Motion Protection

      Trusted security

      • Preferred by market leading financial institutions, telcos and other commercial organizations and governments in over 35 countries.
      • Certified FIPS 140-2 L3, Common Criteria, NATO, UC APL

      Maximum network performance

      • Near-zero overhead
      • Microsecond latency

      Scalable and simple

      • “Set and forget” management
      • Low total cost of ownership

      High-assurance vulnerability protection

      • True end-to-end, authenticated encryption
      • State-of-the-art client side key management

      Data is the New Gold.
      Let's Protect It

      Learn how the SafeNet data protection portfolio can help with securing data in motion.

      High-Assurance Network Security Solutions

      A powerful safeguard for data in motion, SafeNet High Speed Encryptors deliver high-assurance certified data in motion encryption capabilities that meet secure network performance demands for real-time low latency and near zero overhead to provide security without compromise for data on the move across the network.

      SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor Icon

      Ethernet Encryptors

      High-Assurance Layer-2 Network Encryptors provide certified dedicated encryption for all Ethernet and Fibre Channel Layer 2 network topologies. True end-to-end encryption and client-side key management for even the most complex multiple link global networks.

      SafeNet High Speed Encryptor Family Brochure

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      Choose your Ethernet Encryptors:

      SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor - CN9100 - Image

      SafeNet CN9000 Series

      Delivering 100,000,000,000 bits per second of high-assurance and ultra-low latency, the CN9000 Series provides mega data security (100 Gbps) and high speed network performance with the lowest latency in the industry ( <2µs).

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      SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN8000 - Image

      SafeNet CN8000 Series

      The quantum-powered multilink encryption of Layer 2 network Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic, providing up to 100 Gbps (10 x 10 Gbps) of total encrypted bandwidth, with no overhead and minimal latency in one compact high-density chassis.

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      SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor - CN6100 - Image

      SafeNet CN6000 Series

      Addressing the security and performance demands of the largest, most performance-intensive environments, including those of enterprises, government agencies, and service providers, the CN6000 Series encryptors offers variable-speed licenses up to 10 Gbps.

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      SafeNet Ethernet Encryptor CN4020 - Image

      SafeNet CN4000 Series

      Versatile and compact, entry-level 10 Mbps-1 Gbps Ethernet encryptors but without comprising network performance.

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      SafeNet Virtual Encryptor CV1000 - Image

      SafeNet Virtual Encryptor CV1000

      This first hardened virtual encryptor is instantly scalable, and may be deployed rapidly across hundreds of network links, providing robust encryption protection for data-in-motion. The SafeNet Virtual Encryptor CV1000 is a Virtual Network Function (VNF) that delivers an agile network and reduces capital expenditure requirements.

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      Gemalto offers the SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC) and the SafeNet Encryptor Manager CM7 (CM7) management platforms to centrally manage the entire suite of SafeNet High Speed Encryptors. SMC and CM7 can be configured as a Certificate Authority for SafeNet encryptors running on your network.

      Choose Your Network Encryption Managers:

      SafeNet Network Encryption Manager - Purple Icon

      SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC)

      SMC is a robust, Web-based management platform that enables administrators to work with an intuitive interface for visualizing and managing network security. The platform can be used to remotely configure, update, authenticate, and monitor SafeNet High Speed Encryptors. With its comprehensive support for managing keys, certificates, and policies, SMC represents a comprehensive platform that eliminates the need to set up a separate PKI environment for network encryption platforms.

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      SafeNet Network Encryption Manager - Orange Icon

      SafeNet Encryptor Manager CM7

      CM7 is an element manager designed for smaller deployments. The product offers an intuitive interface for configuring, managing, and monitoring encryptors.

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      SafeNet High Speed Encryptors Video


      Data in Motion Security Video


      Post-Quantum Risk Assessment

      In just 5 minutes you will gain a better understanding of your organization's post-quantum breach risk.

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