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Structured Data Protection Solutions

Encrypt regulated data in databases and applications

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Structured data refers to data that is of a determined length or structure that resides in a fixed field or record. Credit card numbers, social security numbers and telephone numbers are all considered examples of structured data. Its defined parameters make it some of the easiest data to organize and analyze; organizations rely on the ability to quickly access this information.

Structured data can also be incredibly valuable, and as such, is a prime target for attackers. Aside from increasingly prevalent security threats, organizations also face pressure to comply with industry regulations and government mandates that govern this data, making reliable structured data protection a must.

For sensitive and regulated structured data residing in databases and applications, Gemalto's SafeNet portfolio of encryption and tokenization solutions secures it throughout its lifecycle. Organizations can control their data and remain compliant by ensuring only authorized individuals are able to access and view sensitive information.

Structured Data Needs Structured Security

Learn how the Gemalto SafeNet portfolio secures structured data in SQL and NoSQL databases.

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SafeNet Structured Data Protection Solutions:

Gemalto's SafeNet data protection portfolio offers granular protection with file-, application- or column-level security, format-preserving tokenization, and centralized key and policy administration for structured data at rest. With enforced separation of duties, even privileged administrators are unable to see all information in the datacenter, but retain the tools and administrative functions necessary to do their jobs.

Perhaps most important for the bottom line, SafeNet solutions for structured data protection are transparent: there is no disruption to business operations, performance, or the end-user experience. With Gemalto, best-in-class security doesn’t mean forfeiting productivity.

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SafeNet ProtectApp: Application-level Encryption

SafeNet ProtectApp encrypts structured data at the application level, before it is saved to its final destination. SafeNet ProtectApp’s standard or format-preserving encryption (FPE) gives customers field-level protection of structured data in both SQL and NoSQL databases.

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SafeNet ProtectDB: Column-level Protection

SafeNet ProtectDB delivers transparent column-level encryption (standard or format-preserving) for structured data and SQL databases. SafeNet ProtectDB does not require any changes to your applications or to the architecture of your database table.

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SafeNet ProtectFile: File System Level Encryption

SafeNet ProtectFile protects structured and unstructured data by applying transparent encryption to files as the data is written to disk. It encrypts the entire SQL or NoSQL database file to secure the structured data within when it is at rest. SafeNet ProtectFile represents an optimal solution for securing files containing structured data, including files used for exports, archives, and backups.

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SafeNet ProtectV: Full Disk Virtual Machine Encryption

SafeNet ProtectV enables organizations to encrypt entire virtual machines, including associated storage volumes, instance snapshots and backups, and partitions that contain structured and unstructured data in NoSQL and SQL databases. SafeNet ProtectV effectively secures virtualized and cloud environments so security teams can maintain ownership and control of their structured data and encryption keys at all times.

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SafeNet Tokenization: Application-level Tokenization

SafeNet Tokenization replaces sensitive structured data with a token, or random value of the same length and format, before it is stored in the database. Gemalto’s SafeNet Tokenization offers the flexibility to use standard or customized format preserving options without making any changes to your existing applications.

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