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Apache HBase Security Solutions

Sensors in connected devices, mobile applications, social media, and the growing use of the web are producing massive sums of data of every shape, size and format. Traditional technologies haven’t been able to handle the era of big data so vendors are looking at new technologies – specifically Apache Hadoop – to handle the growing data trend.

Built on Apache Hadoop is Hbase, a nonrelational database that is designed to handle billions of rows with millions of columns.

While this scalability is impressive and its adoption continues, organizations must still deploy security solutions that keep the sensitive data residing in these rows and columns safe from hackers and unauthorized users.

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The need for HBase encryption

By using encryption, users are attaching security directly to the data itself to keep it safe from privileged users inside the organization or from hackers in the event of a security breach.

Whether data is sensitive intellectual property or highly regulated customer payment data, Gemalto enables organizations to adopt Hbase without having to worry about putting data or compliance at risk.

Protect HBase files, folders and shares

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SafeNet ProtectFile is an easy to deploy, versatile file-system level solution that deploys on Apache Hadoop nodes to secure Hbasae databases. Since it operates at the OS layer, it requires no changes to the database, infrastructure or operations.

Built-in policy-based access controls restrict access to encrypted data to mitigate the risks posed by privileged users such as database or cloud administrators while giving authorized users access to the data they need.

Its cloud agnostic design means that if Hbase is deployed in any cloud, SafeNet ProtectFile will work to keep that data safe. All of this is done without impacting the scalability of the database or impeding the ability to analyze or query the data within.

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Make HBase security look like child's play

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