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Data Encryption for Enterprises

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In order to guard against advanced threats in a complex and evolving climate of virtualization, cloud services, and mobility, while maintaining regulatory compliance, organizations must increasingly take a data-centric approach to safeguarding their sensitive information. Gemalto offers the only complete enterprise encryption portfolio that provides persistent protection of sensitive data at all critical points in its lifecycle.

From the physical and virtual data center to the cloud, Gemalto's SafeNet solutions help organizations remain protected, compliant, and in control. SafeNet data encryption and cryptographic key management products enable organizations to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms, and cloud environments.

SafeNet Data Encryption Solutions Provide:

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Peace of Mind with Enterprise Key Management

SafeNet Key Management – Once you've encrypted the data, protect the encryption keys to ensure the data is never compromised

Hardware Security Modules – Protect transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services.

Our Approach to Enterprise Data Encryption & Crypto Management

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Gemalto delivers the breadth of solutions that enable security teams to centrally employ defense-in-depth strategies—and ultimately make sure encryption yields true security. If access controls are lacking, the efficacy of encryption can be compromised. If cryptographic keys are vulnerable, so is encrypted data.

To truly protect sensitive data, organizations must follow encryption best practices as well as establish a strong Crypto Foundation — an approach that incorporates crypto processing and acceleration, key storage, key management, and crypto resource management.

Along with a comprehensive set of encryption platforms, Gemalto delivers the robust access controls and key management capabilities that enable organizations to practically, cost effectively, and comprehensively leverage encryption to address their security objectives. 

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Sleep Easy. We've Got You Covered

There's no need to lose sleep over your data protection and business needs. Protect your sensitive data properly with the help of Gemalto's SafeNet data encryption and key management solutions.

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Data Encryption and Crypto Management Products

Gemalto's suite of SafeNet enterprise encryption products enable you to protect and control sensitive data as it expands in volume, type and location, from the data center to virtual environments and the cloud while improving compliance and governance visibility and efficiencies through centralized management and policy enforcement.

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Application Encryption

Gemalto enables organizations to encrypt sensitive assets in business applications as well as in some instances encrypt the application itself. With SafeNet solutions, customers can harness strong encryption, granular controls, and transparent implementation capabilities to efficiently and effectively secure sensitive assets.

Learn more about Application Encryption
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Data Center Security

Customers rely on Gemalto's data center protection solutions to secure sensitive structured and unstructured data, including patient records, credit card information, social security numbers, and more.

Learn More
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Enterprise Key Management

With Gemalto's suite of SafeNet solutions, organizations can centrally, efficiently, and securely manage cryptographic keys and policies—across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise—in the cloud or on-premises.

Learn more about Enterprise Key Management
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Hardware Security Modules

SafeNet hardware security modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services.

Learn more about Hardware Security Modules
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High Speed Network Encryption

Proven reliability, highest throughput, and lowest latency make Gemalto's network security devices the ideal solution for protecting data in motion, including time-sensitive voice, and video streams.

Learn more about Network Encryption
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Virtual Machine Security

With Gemalto organizations can efficiently and securely implement encryption in virtual environments. Gemalto solutions can encrypt and secure the entire contents of virtual machines, store and manage the encryption keys from the cloud, or offer encryption for cloud applications – protecting sensitive assets from theft or exposure.

Learn more about Virtual Machine Security
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Professional Data Protection Services

Gemalto's Data Protection Consultants specialize in transforming your vision into clear business objectives, assessing the state of your current infrastructure, and defining a clear list of requirements for achieving your security vision.

Learn more about Data Protection Services

Data Encryption Solutions

Gemalto's SafeNet enterprise encryption solutions deliver unmatched coverage—securing databases, applications, personal identifiable information (PII), and storage in the physical and virtual data center and the cloud. Moreover, Gemalto also provides the critical key management needed to effectively and efficiently enable protection across the enterprise wherever data resides.

Data at Rest Encryption

Data-at-Rest Encryption

Gemalto's data-at-rest encryption solutions protect structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, & storage containers.

Learn about data-at-rest encryption
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Healthcare Data Security

Achieve and maintain compliance by protecting sensitive data, such as patient records, medical transactions, and intellectual property for pharmaceutical and medical patents.

Learn about healthcare data security
PKI Security

PKI Security

Consistently safeguard the integrity and trust of your organization's public key infrastructure (PKI) environments via encryption and authentication.

Learn about PKI security
IoT Security

IoT Security

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) requires not only protecting the devices, but the masters of the devices and device-to-master communications.

Learn about IoT security
Retail Data Security

Retail Data Security

Retailers utilize SafeNet solutions to secure customer data inside their organizations and achieve compliance with all retail data privacy mandates.

Learn about retail data security
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Secure Digital Signing

In conjunction with our partners, Gemalto's SafeNet solutions guarantee signer authenticity and the data integrity of electronic documents in a manner that is secure and easy to deploy and manage.

Learn about financial data security

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