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Unstructured Data Protection Solutions

Encryption solutions for Unstructured Data

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It is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of an organization’s data at rest is unstructured – text files, photos, video, audio recordings, presentations, email threads, instant messenger conversations, web pages, and other sensitive business documents.

In the wrong hands, this information could expose merger and acquisition plans, competitive intelligence, proprietary research, customer information, and other confidential data. Robust unstructured data protections solutions are therefore crucial components of any organizations' security plan. 

Data is the New Gold.
Let's Protect It

Learn how the SafeNet data protection portfolio secures your valuable unstructured data at rest.

SafeNet Unstructured Data Protection Solutions:

Gemalto's SafeNet data protection portfolio offers granular protection with file-, application-, or full disk virtual machine-level encryption, and centralized key and policy administration for unstructured data at rest.

Policy-based access controls are built into the solutions themselves allowing customers address the risk posed by privileged insiders and administrators without preventing them from having the tools and administrative functions necessary to do their jobs.

Most important for customers, SafeNet solutions for unstructured data protection are transparent to applications and end-users meaning that there is no disruption to business operations, performance, or the user experience. Gemalto's best-in-class security means customers don’t have to forfeit productivity or profitability for security.

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SafeNet ProtectApp: Application-level Encryption

SafeNet ProtectApp protects unstructured data at the application level to secure sensitive data as it is created. As an API based solution, it is easy to incorporate into enterprise-grade applications. By using SafeNet ProtectApp to protect data immediately as it is created, customers ensure that data remains secure wherever it travels from databases, to files, to archive and backed up storage.

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SafeNet ProtectFile: File System Level Encryption

SafeNet ProtectFile protects unstructured data at rest with transparent and automated file system-level encryption. Whether data is stored on network attached servers using standard file protocols, or is distributed across the enterprise on a Hadoop infrastructure, SafeNet ProtectFile is able to keep your data safe.

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SafeNet ProtectV: Full Disk Virtual Machine Encryption

SafeNet ProtectV enables organizations to encrypt entire virtual machines, including associated storage volumes, instance snapshots and backups, and partitions that contain structured and unstructured data. SafeNet ProtectV effectively secures virtualized and cloud environments so security teams can maintain ownership and control of their structured data and encryption keys at all times.

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