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Access Management

Ensure the right user has access to the right resource at the right level of trust.

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Access management is the discipline that enables the right user to have access to the right resource at the right level of trust. Access management solutions answer the questions: Who accessed what and when? And how was their identity verified?

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The Need for Access Management in a blurry IT Perimeter

By default, user identities are distributed among cloud applications, virtual environments, networks and web portals. With no central access management strategy, businesses of all sizes lose precious security and productivity:

  • Organizations become increasingly vulnerable to data breaches arising from compromised identities
  • IT administration overheads rise due to inefficient identity management procedures
  • User productivity drops due to password fatigue and password resets
  • Lack of visibility into cloud access events impedes regulatory compliance

Cloud Access Management – Centralized Identity Administration

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Access management solutions have emerged to address these challenges, and enable secure cloud adoption in the enterprise through several key functionalities:

  • Simplified cloud access with cloud single sign on (cloud SSO)
  • Optimized security with granular access policies
  • Scalability enabled by centralized cloud access management
  • Improved compliance through visibility into cloud access events

Learn more about SafeNet Trusted Access, cloud access management from Gemalto:

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