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Smart Single Sign On Trends

Smart Single Sign-On lets users log in to all their cloud applications with a single identity, eliminating password fatigue, frustration, password resets and downtime while ensuring that access remains secure at all times. By applying SSO intelligently, based on previous authentications in the same SSO session and the specific contextual policy relevant for each access attempt, users may authenticate just once in order to access all their cloud applications, or provide additional authentication, when needed.


Approaching all respondents say that they would like to see a smart SSO solution being used.

  • The most likely desired types of data/information being used in a smart SSO are the sensitivity of the data (65%), the sensitivity of the application (57%) and the function/department of the user (44%).
  • The use of smart SSO is going to increase in the near future and these solutions will need to factor in a range of different types of data/information in order to be appealing to the mass market.

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Nearly all respondents state that there are/would be benefits of their organization using smart SSO.

  • More than half say that employees (54%) and/or customers (52%) feeling that their data is secure is a benefit, while 50% report the same when it comes to preventing data breaches.
  • Organizations seem keen to give the perception that the data they hold is secure, but in reality, data will be held securely and be more convenient to access through a smart SSO solution.

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