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    Software Vendors

    Software vendors are faced with increasing margin pressures, the continuing rise of piracy, and accelerating product cycles. Vendors require licensing and software protection solutions that enable them to quickly capture market opportunities while reliably protecting intellectual property and automating license fulfillment and management.

    SafeNet's Sentinel software protection  products have protected over 40 million applications worldwide since 1984, more than any other solution.

    In addition to protecting against piracy, Sentinel solutions enable independent software vendors to:

    • Increase customer satisfaction through easily offering a variety of flexible license models
    • Maximize revenues by generating secure license upgrades and renewals
    • Enhance profit and reduce costs through streamlined operations and distribution 
    • Provide management components as a value-added feature for end users
    • Control the creation of licenses through distribution channels

    SafeNet Hardware Keys Offer Maximum Protection Against Piracy

    • "We turned to SafeNet to secure our proprietary intellectual property from unauthorized use and distribution. Implementation of Sentinel Hardware Keys was quick and easy, and we received an unmatched level of customer support." David Warwick, Operations Manager, Astron Clinica

    Sentinel RMS - Minimal Impact to End Users and Maximum Ease of Delivery, Including Online Distribution

    • "By replacing our original licensing system, we are now able to easily generate customized licenses that more closely meet individual customer’s needs." Morten W. Pedersen, Senior Research Geophysicist, PGS