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Retail Security

Trusted Transactional Security Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

Retailers face many challenges in keeping customer information secure.  Retail companies that suffer a security breach in which customer data is lost or stolen face widespread negative publicity, lost business, lawsuits, and fines that can threaten the very viability of the business.

Industry standards, government regulations, and security best practices require retail organizations to adopt encryption of sensitive data, both in transport across the Internet, and as it is stored and shared within the organization.

Retailers can reduce the cost and complexity of protecting customer information with solutions that allow retailers to secure consumer data inside their organizations, and achieve compliance with all retail data privacy mandates.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance for RetailersRetailers dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance mandates, with the most complete and easy to manage enterprise data protection solution.Merchants, banks, and payment processors can protect sensitive data at rest, in use and in transit to meet the most challenging security requirements.PCI Compliance Solutions

Protecting Retail Customer InformationSafeNet offers the most advanced database and application encryption and key management solutions; providing the security foundation for mission-critical data and applications. Using industry-leading technology, DataSecure protects critical data from both internal and external threatsDatabase EncryptionHardware Security Modules

Online Transaction Security Provide security, data integrity and audit trail for the most complex, high-volume financial transactions. Retailers are expanding their offerings to allow them to compete on a global scale, save costs, and improve the customer experience with value-added services.Online transactions, payment settlements, and transaction processing, all rely on robust security in order to establish integrity and auditability. ViewPIN+Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)

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