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Big Data Security Solutions

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Big data security shouldn't mean big headaches

The era of big data is producing unprecedented amounts of data points giving us greater insights that drive exciting research, better business decisions, and in many ways, greater value for customers. To achieve these outcomes, organizations need to be able to handle it efficiently, quickly, and because often this data will include sensitive information – securely, all at scale.

Unfortunately, many organizations hesitate looking at security – and more specifically, encryption – when it comes to big data solutions because they are concerned about deploying at scale or impeding the analytics tools that make these solutions so valuable in the first place.

Big data encryption and key management enterprises trust

Gemalto's SafeNet portfolio of data protection solutions let customers secure their big data deployments – whether it’s a Hadoop infrastructure, or a non-relational (NoSQL) database such as MongoDB or Couchbase – without getting in the way of the analytics tools that make these solutions important.

Additionally, Gemalto unifies these – as well as an entire ecosystem of partner encryption solutions – behind a centralized encryption key management appliance.

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Hadoop Encryption Solutions

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The SafeNet data protection portfolio can secure data at multiple points in the Hadoop architecture – from Hive and Hbase to individual nodes in the data lake.

With Gemalto, customers have a choice.

  • Incorporate transparent application-level security via APIs to protect data without changing their database structure
  • Choose a column-level solution for Hive that permits normal querying
  • Choose a file system-level solution with robust policy-based access controls

Each Hadoop big data encryption and tokenization solution is entirely transparent to the end-user and format preserving encryption functionality means that customers will continue to benefit from the analytics tools that draw extra value from growing data stores.

NoSQL Database Encryption Solutions

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Non-relational or NoSQL databases are versatile database solutions that are well adapted for large quantities of varied data types. Because they comprise more than traditional database tables – using objects and indexes instead – they require a different approach to big data security.

Customers can now protect data in any NoSQL database including leading database vendors such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and HBase.

  • Leverage file system-level encryption solution to secure the files, folders and shares that contain the files and objects indexed in the NoSQL schema. 
  • Coupled with policy-based access controls, customers retain a fine level of control despite the massive data volumes.
  • Application-level big data encryption or tokenization solutions attach security directly to the data before it ever is saved into the NoSQL schema.
  • Operations remain transparent to the end-user while the database retains its ability to conduct queries and deliver data without decreases in performance.

Our Big Data Partners:

As the most popular non-relational database, MongoDB customers demand a simple and secure approach for their robust mission critical applications. Together with Gemalto, we can offer our Enterprise customers an enhanced solution that includes transparent file encryption and key management, which address the important security challenges customers face.
- Alan Chhabra, VP of Partners at MongoDB
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Overcome big data security challenges with Gemalto's proven transparent data encryption and key management solutions

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